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The Legends Of Mattancherry (Kochi, Kerala)

Echoes of Royalty

The old quarter of Mattancherry in the city of Kochi (Kochin) is a place of history, myth, legend, and legacy.

As the port city of Kochi expanded over the centuries —thanks to its strategic location and importance in the global maritime Spice Trade— Mattancherry became home to a wide range of global communities from India and beyond that settled down here.

Our exclusive “Legend of Mattancherry” tour takes you on an interesting journey to this enchanting part of Kochin where every street has a centuries-old story to tell.

Highlights of the Tour

  • A first-hand insightful tour of Mattancherry.
  • Exclusive historical insights into the history of Kochin and historical forces that shaped Mattancherry.
  • Stopovers at key historical landmarks with splendid run-downs of their respective history.

What’s Included

  • Cost of Guide
  • bottled water and snacks
  • Parking and toll
  • Interactions

From the Arabian shores came the Arab Muslim traders as far back as 800 AD, the descendants of whom now make up the Mappilas (Arab Muslim Communities).

From the western coast of India came the Konkanies—a class of money lenders and bankers who became a mainstay of the local economy.

The Gujaratis arrived from the west of India (current day state of Gujarat) and took up trade. The Cutchi Memons (from the current-day Rann of Kutch) region joined their Gujarati compatriots.

Latin fishermen took mostly the fish trading jobs and Hindu Malayalis became the labour class of the thriving city.

Our tour takes you to the world of these everyday Mattancherry people. You will learn about their unique histories, stories, family legends, culinary habits, customs, traditions and so much more.

You will find out what makes Mattancherry such a cosmopolitan and global blend of people and ethnicities that have co-existed in perfect harmony for centuries.

Note: Moderate physical activity is required for this tour and it does not operate on Sundays. (Mon-Fri)

 Average time required for the tour: 3-4 hours

Fort Kochi
kerala street
Mattancherry Synagogue

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