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Privacy Policy

We believe in being transparent to our customers. In this Privacy Page, we will lay out our policy vis a vis collection of personal data (provided by the client) in return for services or products provided by our firm.

We understand that your privacy, personal data and details of your personal life are very important and sensitive issues that you feel protective of. We are very cognized of the importance and sanctity of your private data. We, therefore, do everything in our power to make sure that the data you share with us is used to good effect to make your travel experience better.

However, in the interest of clarity and transparency, it is important that we share the details of our process with you, so we can move forward together.

Note: For the purpose of clarity and ease of reference, “you/your” in this policy refers to the “User” or customer.

“We,” “us” and “our” refers to Luxury India Tours LIT.

The user by the virtue of purchasing our products or services agrees to our Privacy Policy and the content listed herein. If the user disagrees with any of our Privacy Policy stipulations, he/she is free to not purchase/book/buy/or reserve any of our services or products. By accessing our website/app/database, you agree to the terms of conditions.

Here Is What We Collect

  1. Name, gender, age, and date of birth
  2. Contact Information: email, mobile phone number, address
  3. Country of residence
  4. Credit Card Details
  5. Passport Number and Frequent Flyer Number (if needed)
  6. Lifestyle and social circumstance (your hobbies, pastimes, etc).
  7. Your tax details and financial situation (things like overall income, investment, country of taxation/residency).
  8. Family Details (details like Single/Married, number of kids/dependents)
  9. We also use CCTV cameras at our premises/accommodations for the purpose of security
  10. We record the telephone calls you make to our representatives or call centers to help us improve your travel experience
  11. Your employment and education details
  12. Any other relevant information to help us execute our operations and make your trip more enjoyable
  13. Dietary requirements data (for flights and hotels)
  14. Health-related data (in case of any emergencies)
  15. Personal information of other travellers/customers/users you want to bring along. You agree to share this Privacy Policy with them. You also agree to provide any legally-required documents/consents for the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of the said person’s information to us.
  16. We may also collect ANALYTICS DATA like Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager, Appsflyer, Intent Media and so forth. We may also collect Cookies, Usage Data and various other types of Digital Data related to the points listed above.
  17. Our application/database may also track Users by storing a unique identifier of their device for the purpose of analytics or for storing User’s preferences.

Here Is How We Collect Data

  1. DIRECTLY: Direct data is gathered when you (the client) decide to enter into a business relationship with us (the firm). This Data is collected through our data forms filled either online (through our website/mobile app) or in person in our offices. We may request additional data when you make the decision to purchase our products/services.

    INDIRECTLY: Indirect data is collected through (but not limited to) travel agents, social media, and our authorized representatives (collecting data on our behalf). We also reserve the right to keep your personal data to our customer relationship management records for future tours and to serve you better.

    PUBLIC SOURCE: Such data may be gathered through open public sources like newspapers, blogs, the internet, internet search engines, etc.

    SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING SITES: If you log into our website through our social media service on platforms like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter or others, we may require you to authenticate your identity and connect your social media login information with us. This may include information like your name, email address and any other relevant details.

    BUSINESS CLIENTS: Business clients (organizations/firms/companies) will have to agree to share with us the personal data of their employees needed for the travel operations.

What We Will Do With Your Data

  1. The data we collect from you is used to improve your experience of travel in India with us. Under no circumstance, shall we sell or trade your personal details or data to any other outfit. Your data shall be used for the following purposes:

    1. For reserving and booking services for you like hotels, resorts, entrance passes to national parks, safari tickets, entrance to heritage sites, etc.
    2. Credit Card Details or Net Banking Details are usually gathered and processed directly by PAYMENT GATEWAYS and not by LIT.
    3. These third-party Payment Gateways are for the purpose of processing payments.
    4. This data may be used to chalk out a response or strategy to any complaint, suggestion or request made by you.
    5. Data may used to meet any government regulatory or legal requirements.
    6. For showcasing our professional services, products or offerings to prospective clients.
    7. For personalizing online landing pages and communications to help you access our services better.
    8. Data may also be used to send invitations or to provide access to guests to our events, seminars, webinars, or any other events hosted by us.

      Use Of Cookies

      When you visit our website as a first-time visitor, you remain anonymous and only track the domain addresses of visitors to help us understand and analyze the traffic on our website, and to help us adapt according to statistics and trends. You can enjoy our website without being prompted for any personal data or information.

      However, some of your web pages may contain web “cookies” that collect data of returning visitors to our website. These cookies help us identify potential and prospective clients and customize our services and information for them.

      Who Is The Data Shared With?

      1. The staff of ( LIT)  whoexecutive services for you.
      2. Competent Legal Authorities like government organizations, Tourism Departments, Civil Aviation, Customs etc.
      3. Any other organization that we partner with to provide your services. Our rights/obligations listed under this Privacy Policy are transferred to the said organization.
      4. Credit reference agencies to help as ascertain and make credit decisions and to prevent incidents of fraud.
      5. Any other third party engaged by us to serve ads on our behalf on the internet and sometimes on this site.
      6. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

      Changes In Policy

      We reserve the right to update or change this policy at any time. If and when any substantial changes or updations are made to our Privacy Policy, you will be duly notified via email and notices on our website.

      Queries And Questions

      You can reach out to us at any time via email, or helpline if you have any questions.