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The state of Tamil Nadu is the heritage hub of the Indian South.

The word Tamil Nadu literally means “Tamil Country,” as the Tamil people make up the majority of the state’s population. They are considered to be Dravidian people—one of the earliest settlers in the Indian subcontinent who pre-date the arrival of the so-called Aryans from the Central Asian Steppes.

As the land of an ancient people, Tamil Nadu is a state that oozes rich historical heritage and teems with landmarks— 4 of which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With a projected population of over 76 million, Tamil Nadu is the sixth-largest state in India in terms of population.

Its capital Chennai is one of India’s most modern and bustling metropolis. It is the nerve center for the region’s commerce, trade, IT and educational prowess.

We offer you the best luxury private tours to Tamil Nadu. Our team of expert travel advisors, consultants and on-ground guides provide you with unmatched guidance and support that extends 24/7.

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Chola Temples


Temple Tales: Great Living Chola Temples Expedition

The Chola Empire which thrived in the 11th and 12th century AD was one of Southern India’s greatest empires that has left behind a significant mark on the historical landscape of Tamil Nadu. The so-called Chola Temples (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are its greatest legacy.

While a large number of majestic ornate temples dating back to the Chola Dynasty dot all of the Indian Southern region, three temples really stand out due to their magnificence and are known as the GREAT CHOLA TEMPLES.

These include the Brihadeeswara Temple (in the town of Thanjavur), the Brihadeesvara Temple in (Gangaikonda Cholapuram) and Airavatesvara Tempel (at Darasuram).

Exhibits of spellbinding rock art, bronze-casting artistry and fine sculpting, these temples...


Colonial Charms: Private Tour of Puducherry's French Quarters

The small Union Territory of Puducherry (also known as Pondicherry locally) which is located on the South-Eastern coast of India (on the fringes of the state of Tamil Nadu) was a trading enclave for the French Empire until the independence of India in 1947.

Now merged into the Indian Union, the former “French Capital of India” is famous for its lovely beaches, Ashrams (spiritual communes), the Ousteri Lake (a birdwatching haven), a unique old-world-French-meets-Hindustan fusion cuisine.

But one of the greatest attractions of Puducherry is its old French Quarter which is dotted with French-styled churches, colonial buildings and tree-lined streets.

Nicknamed “the French Riviera in the East,” the Old French Quarters is...



Sacred Sojourn: Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaran (Rameswaran/Pamban) is a peninsular island located between mainland Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Traced back to the Pandya Dynasty in the 12th century, the Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram is one of Tamil Nadu’s greatest attractions

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is one of the 12 most sacred Jyotirlingas (symbols of Shiva) in India and every orthodox Hindu is expected to make a pilgrimage to it once in his/her life. Your sins are understood to have been washed away after a holy bath in the 22 Theerthams (bath embankments) of the temple.

As per Hindu myth as narrated in Ramayana, Lord Rama after rescuing Sita and slaying...



Shoreline Serenity: Explore Mahabalipuram's Shore Temple

Mahabalipuram is an ancient town that is located 40 Miles from the city of Chennai.

This coastal town prides itself on its pristine beaches, but the main reason it draws tens of thousands of visitors every month are its UNESCO World Heritage ancient temples that date back to the Pallava Dynasty in the 8th century AD.

There are also ancient caves and lagoons on the Mahabalipuram beach that are a godsend for Spelunkers (Cave exploring enthusiasts).



Wildlife Odyssey: Safari Adventures in Mudumalai

The Mudumalai National Park is located in the Nilgiri Mountains (a sub-branch of the Western Ghats) of Tamil Nadu. Also a Tiger Reserve, this park is part of the larger Niligiri Biosphere and is nourished by the Moyar River and its smaller tributaries.

Comprising a topical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest, the Mudumalai boasts 18 carnivores, 10 herbivores, 266 birds and 498 plant species. Some notable animals at the park are tigers, Indian leopards, Jungle cats, Rusty-spotted cats, Golden Jackals, sloth bears and Indian Grey Mongoose.

A wildlife adventure in the Mudumalai is one of the most thrilling experiences in the region.


Mansion Marvels: Exquisite Chettinad Heritage in Karaikudi

The Chettinad region is located in the Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu and has historically been a part of the Ramnad Kingdom of Pandya Nadu. The region is famed for its exquisite houses, temples, mansions and palaces.

The Kingdom was considerably rich due to trade ties with the larger Southeast Asian region (Burma, Ceylon, Vietnam and Malaysia). Karaikudi is one of the major towns in the Chettinad region. The thriving banking and trading community of the region (which is spread over some 75 villages and hamlets) brought global architectural traditions and fused them with the local Tamil Nadu tradition.

Karaikudi is home to the Nattukottai Chettiar – a very prosperous banking...

Tamil Nadu's Flavors


Epicurean Expedition: Curated Culinary Journey through Tamil Nadu's Flavors

Food in southern India is a legatee of the so-called spice trade that dominated the geopolitics of the region for centuries.

With inventions like the steam engine, maritime transport became the driving spirit of colonial expansion and globalization of goods, ideas and people. That worked out pretty well for the food scene of Tamil Nadu as the region absorbed culinary influences from not just mainland India up north but also from South East Asia, the Middle East and the colonial empires of the West.

The Tamil Nadu cuisine is an Epicurean wonder. Rich in texture and flavor, its cuisine features a wide range...


Thanjavur Unveiled: Historical Treasure Hunt

Also known as Tanjore or Thanjai, Thanjavur is a city in Tamil Nadu that is the sight of most of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Chola Living Temples—including one of its most vital temples, the Brihadeeswarar Temple.

The Thanjavur region is also where the famous painting art form Tanjore Painting emerged.

As the home of the iconic Brihadweeswarar Temple, this city is one of the most visited spiritual and pilgrimage centers in India. Another important site the Thanjavur Maratha Palace which dates back to the 1670s.

We take you on an all-exclusive historical treasure hunt in the Thanjavur region to explore the heritage of the region in style.


Silken Splendor: Customized Shopping Experience for Fine Silks

Tamil Nadu is famous for its Kanchipuram Silk Sari woven out of mulberry silk thread. Worn in bridal or other special occasions, this pure mulberry silk art dates back centuries.

Comprising checks, stripes and floral designs, these silk Sari are used to mark special occasions and often depict images from Ramayana and Mahabharat.

Our private customized shopping experience for fine silks introduces you to the world of Kanchipuram Silk.

Toy Train


Toy Train Adventures: Nilgiris Mountain Railways, Coonoor (Tamil Nadu)

The Nilgiri Mountain Railways (NMR) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by the British in 1908 is a 1,000 mm meter gauge railway and is “the only rack railway in India” (also known as “cogwheels railway” – a steep grade typically used in steep mountains).

It is located in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu and operates between the hill station of Coonoor and Udhagamandalam.

Also nicknamed the “Toy Train,” it is one of two such trains in India (the other one in Darjeeling, West Bengal). A Toy Train ride in Coonoor hill station —with its scenic waterfalls, lush green mountain, cascading tea hills and excellent weather— is an absolute...



Rameswaram's Catamaran Extravaganza

Rameswaram is not just about the temples and spirituality. The island is where spirituality meets the beach and adventures.

What could be a more adventurous activity than sailing out to the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal aboard a Catamaran? Picture a deep blue clear sky, the gentle sea breeze and the beautiful landscape of the mainland shimmering in the distance.

At Resplendent Travel, we offer you private Cataraman tours that depart from Rameswaram. Our Catamaran are state-of-the-art and equipped with modern navigation systems and amenities.


Artful Soiree: Cultural Evening at Dakshinachitra

The Dakshinachitra is a living history museum in Chennai. The word literally means “a Picture of the South.” It showcases the fine arts, crafts, architecture, lifestyles and performing arts of the region in a special-purpose heritage village cum museum.

Operational since 1996, it also houses a DakshinaChritra Heritage Museum is operated by the renowned organization Madras Craft Foundation and offers a collection of 18 authentic historical houses that exhibit the splendor of Tamil Nadu architecture.

Resplendent Travel takes you on an artful soiree at the DakshinaChitra museum with a soulful evening featuring performances of local music and performance arts.

Taj Connemara

Taj Connemara, Chennai

Leela Palace, Chennai
Palais De Mahe
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