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No city in India is as choc-a-bloc with culture and historical heritage like India’s proud capital – New Delhi.

Delhi is where the old-world Hindustan of history, myth, lore and legend meets a contemporary rising modern-looking India. Its landscape is dotted with some of India’s greatest landmarks.

A city with over 20 million people where the historical mystique of Old Delhi combines with the charm of Lutyens’ colonial architecture of New Delhi featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites, Temples, Mosques and Legendry Bazaars.

With decades of collective experience our TRAVEL EXPERTS design imaginative tailor-made itineraries to ensure a memorable Delhi tour experience for you.

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Humayun’s Tomb: A Timeless Beauty

The first of many Garden-Tombs of the Mughals, this amazing monument is located in the Nizamuddin East part of Delhi. This iconic piece of Mughal architecture laid the blueprint for the Taj Mahal.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a splendid exhibit of architecture and landscape with beautiful manicured Mughal gardens, should be one of your first stopovers in Delhi.

Qutub Minar


Qutub Minar: An Iconic Landmark

Built in the 13th century, the Qutub Minar has been the world’s largest brick tower for over 800 years. Standing at a height of 72.5 meters, this towering structure is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE since 1993.

Part of the Qutab Complex, it is named after Qutbudin Aibak, an important general of the Ghurid Dynasty. It was built between 1199 and 1220 AD and modelled after the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan.

It is located in the south of the city and is one of the most important landmarks of the city.


Red Fort: The Mughal Seat of Power

THE RED FORT in Delhi became the fort-residence of the Mughal Empire after the capital was moved from Agra to Delhi.

 This Redstone fort is a blend of Persian, Timurid and Hindu traditions of architecture.

With its 75-foot-high formidable walls, the Red Fort is a stunningly spectacular symbol of power and grandeur.

Inside it are royal quarters, mini-palaces, royal Dubars, giant halls, pavilions, balconies, a grand Hall of the Emperor’s Private Audience and geometrical gardens that are perfectly manicured.

You just cannot miss this great monument on a visit to Delhi.



Rajpath: Nation’s Heartfelt Driveway

Formerly known as the Kings Way, the Rajpath is a ceremonial boulevard in the capital where some of the most important symbols of the nation’s pride are located.

Originating at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House), the driveway takes you through the India Gate and National War Museum to the National Stadium, where it ends.

It is also the venue for the annual Republic Day Parade held on 26th January.

Jama Masjid


Jama Masjid: The Grand Mosque

The Jama Masjid (Masjid – e – Jehan Numa in Persian) is also one of his greatest architectural legacies.

Nestled in the heart of old Delhi in Shahjahanabad. It was the official imperial mosque of the Emperor until the Empire was formally dissolved by the British in 1857.

Jama Masjid still remains one of the largest mosques in India and is considered an important historical and religious symbol of the faith in the region.

Lotus Temple


Lotus Temple: Architecture Excellence

The Persian Baha’i faith has historically found a refugee in India.

THE LOTUS TEMPLE in Delhi is considered to be one of the seven main Houses of Worship of the Baha’i faith in the entire world. Open to people of all religions, castes and colors, this lotus-shaped building is made out of “petal-like” structures emulating a lotus flower.

Built by the Iranian architect, Fariborz Sahba the Lotus Temple is considered a significant exhibit of modern architecture.

A visit to the Lotus Temple is a great cultural and spiritual experience.

Chandni Chowk


Chandni Chowk: Bustling Bazaars

CHANDNI CHOWK in the heart of Old Delhi is one of the city’s oldest and greatest bazaars. 

A trip to Chandni Chowk is like getting on a Time Machine and ending up in India of the bygone era. Its spiraling streets and alleys have seen the ebb and flow of time, the making and unmaking of fortunes, and the falls and rises of Delhi.

Fun fact: another grand project of Emperor Shahjahan, the design of Chandni Chowk was actually conceived by his daughter Jahanara Begum.

Spare some time for a shopping spree at this grand old bazaars and explore the maze of the narrow...

Connaught Place


Connaught Place: Imperial Legacy

Officially known as Rajiv Chowk, but still going by its old name, CONNAUGHT PALACE is one of the city’s main business and financial districts. It was envisaged as an important part of the Lutyens’ project of the new capital.

Some of India’s top commercial firms and businesses are located here. It is also a major shopping destination and is home to many world-class restaurants and a very hip night circuit.

Spending a couple of strolling through the Connaught Place market is well worth the time.

National Museum


National Museum: Treasure Trove

THE NATIONAL MUSEUM in Delhi is one of the country’s largest museums.

Established in 1949, and operating under the Ministry of Culture, the museum is home to some 200,000 pieces of Indian art spanning over a whopping 5,000 years of Indian history. It is located on Janpath (People’s Path) —one of the main boulevards of New Delhi.

If you care about art, history, culture and civilization, there is perhaps no other place in India to give you a sweeping overview of 5 millennia of civilizational heritage of India than the National Museum.


Private Yoga class

India is an ancient realm of meditation and spirituality.

As the birthplace of some of mankind’s greatest spiritual traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and Sufi Islam), India is a great place to connect with your inner spiritual self.

One of the best ways to do this is through yoga and meditation. We offer a bespoke Yoga experience unlike any with a certified instructer.

Khari Baoli


Khari Baoli: Old Delhi Spice Market Tour

Spice isn’t just an ingredient that adds flavors and texture to the sumptuous Indian cuisine. It has been one of the drivers of India’s history with many medieval European powers (Portuguese, Dutch, French and Britsh/masquerading as spice traders) arriving on the Indian shores to seek their fortunes in India.

Indian cuisine is an amalgam of Persian, Central Asian and Timurid influences with the Hindustani tradition. Spice is the key to unlocking its savoury secrets.

OUR GUIDED SPICE TOUR takes you to Khari Baoli which is the largest Spice Market in Asia on an aroma-filled experience.


Akshardham Temple: Where Divine Dwells

AKSHARDHAM is literally the “Divine Abode of God.” This complex of Temple was completed in 2005 and was erected as a homage to Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781-1830 AD).

Akshardham is more than just a temple. It is a vast spiritual cum cultural establishment with various exhibition halls, spiritual centers, thematic gardens and a water reservoir which offers cultural board ride.

With its ornate carvings depicting gods, mythical figures, flora, fauna and creatures from the ancient Hindu scripture, the main temple is a visual kaleidoscope of 6,000 years of history of Hinduism.

Street Food Tour


Curated Delights: Tailored Delhi Street Food Tour

Delhi prides itself on its culinary offerings and its lit street food scene.

Our specially tailored street food tour introduces you to some of Delhi’s best offerings like Chole Bhature, Chaat, Paranthas, Nihari, Butter Chicken, Momos (dumplings) and Jalebi.

If you are a food, you cannot miss out on a culinary adventure in Delhi.

Bazaars like Chandni Chowk are famous for their food alleys that offer authentic Delhi delicacies. Some of the shops and eateries have been in business for over a century, with one generation passing on the legacy and family culinary secrets to the other.



Temples Unveiled: Delhi’s Most Revered Temples

A city that has been around for thousands of years is bound to have its ancient places of spiritual and religious significance. Delhi is brimmed with legendary temples, Gurdwaras, Mosques and other centers of religious reverence.

Our bespoke tour takes you to the Birla (Laxminarayan) Temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1939), Gurudwara Bangla Sahib (built in 1783 AD and associated with the 8th Sikh guru, Guru Har Krishan), Lotus & Akshardham Temples, Chhatarpur (complex of 20 temples in South Delhi) and Kalkaji Temple (dedicated to goddess Durga).



Mahatma Gandhi’s Legacy: Visit Rajghat

The word Mahatma means the Great Soul. Gandhi’s soul reigns supreme over the spiritual and moral landscape of India.

The Raj Ghat Memorial Comple in Delhi pays homage to the Mahatma. The spot of his cremation is marked with a black marble platform. Located on the Ring Road, this Memorial Complex also features memorials to other Indian leaders like Nehru, Shastri, Vajpayee, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi.



Pedal Through History: Old Delhi Bicycle Tour

One fun way to explore serpentine alleys and streets of old Delhi is through a bicycle tour of old city quarters.

OUR SUNRISE BICYCLE TOUR takes you on an all-encompassing tour with stopovers at the Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Spice Market, Sis Ganj Gurudwara, ancient Havelis (mansions) and other important landmarks of the city.


Bangla Sahib Gurudwara: Experience the Spirituality

Aside from universal love and respect for all mankind, one of central pillars of the Sikh faith is hospitality offered to guests and visitors. The Sikhs show this hospitality by spoiling their guests with mouth-watering Punjabi food.

Nowhere is this ethos more prominent than at a SIKH GURDWARA where all visitors (regardless of their faith) are extended warmth and hospitality. Free food called “LANGAR” is offered at all Gurudwaras to all visitors.

Take our bespoke tour to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and get a behind-the-scene glimpse of how food is prepared every day for thousands of visitors.

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