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Things to Do
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With a crystal-clear shimmering shoreline stretching over almost 100 miles that features some of India’s most popular silver-sand beaches, Goa the smallest and richest state in India is a tropical beach paradise.

Its unique history as a Portuguese trading enclave on the Western coastline of India makes its culture an enchanting amalgam of European and Indian cultures, quite unlike any other place in India.

The Portuguese who arrived here in the 16th century left an indelible mark on the culture, language, architecture and food in the region. 

 The old city of “Velha Goa”, with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the famous 500-year-old Chapora Fort, offers a mesmerizing heritage trail for lovers of history and architecture.

In recent decades, Goa, on account of it’s lively beaches with a party vide, clear blue skies and pleasant all-year-round weather has become the premiere destination for Indians and international travelers looking for the perfect tropical holiday.

We offer flexible Goa tour packages and itineraries which allow you to spend your holidays at your own pace and preferred style.

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Stay at A Beachfront Resort

Tucked away from the buzz of its busy city life and the high-intensity vibes of its bustling beaches and wild parties, you’ll appreciate a private beach Resort where time slows down and you have your own little slice of the beach heaven to unwind and relax.

Goa is a feast or the party-seekers congregating from all over the world but a private beach is a magical bliss you shouldn’t miss out on.

Yoga Retreat


Indulge in a Luxurious Spa/Yoga Retreat

Goa offers a vast range of spa options to choose from, featuring a range of both traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Western treatments.

These retreats typically offer various yoga practices, massage treatments, saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms and plenty of other pampering activities. Booking yourself into a luxurious retreat is an investment you won’t regret.

Yacht Cruises


Luxuriate on a Private Yacht Cruise

Unleash your spirit of adventure and venture out into the sea aboard a high-powered private yacht equipped with all the modern amenities.



Exclusive Beach Picnics

Goa is a fear for parties, clubbing and beach lovers, offering a 100 Kms long coastline and over 35 beaches there is no dearth of beach adventure in Goa.

An exclusive picnic at the beach featuring some of the region’s most iconic dishes is a gourmet delight.

Village visit


Private Guided Village visit

The Goan cultural is very unique and intriguing, after you are done with the beaches parties and clubs and shopping, dial down and shift your focus by going on a guided tour of many of the quaint little villages in the countryside and getting to know the local population.


Enjoy Adventure Water Sports

Goa offers a host of water sports and activities, scuba diving, jet skiing, bumper riding, banana riding, parasailing, speedboating — there is a wide range of water sports activities to choose from in Goa.

Do not miss out on the fun.



Go on a biking trail

Goa is a great place to blend in like a local, pick up a bike and go on a biking trail  across its length and breadth, navigating in style through its coastal highways and sleepy little idyllic villages on the hillsides.



Kayaking Through the Mangroves

The calm waters of the mangrove forests in Goa backwaters are perfect for kayaking.

The biodiverse mangroves are rich in flora and fauna with thousands of species of birds, fish and other exotic wildlife. You might also run into local fishermen in the backwater and learn a trick or two about catching fish and crabs.

Vintage Goa


Vintage Goa Discovery

Goa has a legendary Portugese and Dutch history and the museums of Goa hold some of the most treasured exhibits of the region.

Explore the region’s rich colonial tapestry with our vintage tour that takes you to off-beat museums and sites like the Ashvek Vintage Car Museums, Big-foot Museum and the Naval Aviation Museum.

Blissful Wellness


Blissful Wellness: Luxury Ayurveda Retreat

Dating back 5000 years, AYURVEDA, the traditional Indian medicine system is considered the oldest in the world. Relying on a holistic (mind as well as body) approach to healing, it uses organic and natural plant and herb-based approaches to healing.

Rejuvenate your body and soul with our Ayurveda-inspired retreat on a secluded tropical Goan beach.



Cycling Through Goa's Countryside

Pedal your way through the lovely countryside of Goa dotted with quaint churches, temples, fishing villages, and mosques and make a stopover for a traditional village lunch.

Organic Farm


Organic Farm-To-Table Delights

Enjoy an organic food tour by sampling local farm-fresh delights at a spice plantation nestled in the countryside.

Our guide will explain how the locals grow and use their unique spices and plants like papaya, cashew and vanilla. Touch, smell and feel the plants, followed by a cooking class.



Club Hopping Experience

Nightclubs, pubs and discotheques dot the urban landscape of Goa making it the best party destination in the country. Open all night, these places are famous for their wild parties, raves, drinks & cocktails and DJs. Go on our exclusive Neon adventure, hopping across these party hotspots in an all-night escapade.

The Leela

The Leela, Goa

W, Goa
Alila Diwa
Park Hyatt Goa
Ahilya by the Sea

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