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Attracting millions of tourists worldwide, India is a magnificently diverse and vast subcontinent of varying landscapes, rich cultures, ancient religious & spiritual traditions, natural beauty and welcoming people. There is something for everyone in India.

The idyllic mountainous serenity of the mightiest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, the picture-perfect tropical beach heavens of Goa, Kerala and the Andamans are the perfect natural landscapes for a vacation.

The Mughal grandeur of Delhi and Taj Mahal’s Agra, the rich cultural attractions and palatial opulence of Rajasthan; the spiritual calm of the holy city of Varanasi; the ancient mystery of Hampi and Ajanta & Ellora are great for cultural immersion and heritage tour. India’s 106 National Parks offer thrilling wildlife adventure and tiger safaris.

You are truly spoiled for choice in India.

But as awesome as this diversity is, navigating such a kaleidoscope of dizzying landscapes, topography, cultures, languages and regional peculiarities can be quite the uphill struggle for first-timer uninitiated as well as seasoned travelers to India.

This is why investing in a private luxury tour where you are looked after 24/7 by able travel advisors and guides and you travel in utmost luxury and ease and stay at state-of-the-art accommodations is not a bad idea. 

RESPLENDENT TRAVEL offers you flexible tour packages and itineraries to all the major tourist destinations in India. Customized to your needs and style, our private tours put your ease, comfort and safety above everything else.

With decades of collective experience in the luxury travel hospitality niche, we are your companion for an ideal Indian holiday.


Taj Mahal Sunrise
Mystical Backwaters
Ranthambore Wildlife
Palace Paradise
Champagne Dinner
Sacred Varanasi
Toy Train
Ancient Hampi 


Dance Workshop
Andaman Islands
Udaipur Heritage Palace
Magical Bazaars
Indian Craftsmen
Bespoke Safari
Tribal Encounters
Food Tour

Luxury Private India Tours and Packages

What To Know Before You Go

Traditional Tours to India are a dime a dozen. You can travel in India in a variety of ways ranging from backpacking and hitchhiking to large group tours that cover the top ‘touristy’ things and places.


But if you really value your time and experience and the safety and comfort of your loved ones, spending a little more on a private tour is a good idea.

 With 24/7 guidance, tailor-made itineraries, flexible schedules and the diligent support of capable guides and advisors, you get tremendous peace of mind and your travel experience goes hassle-free.

Our tailor-made travel arrangements are designed to keep your travel experience smooth-free and ensure that everything goes as per plan.

Why Should You Choose Our Tailor-Made Holiday Packages?

Customized travel arrangements that put the safety and comfort of your loved ones above everything else.

Tailor-made itineraries in accordance with your needs.

A wide variety of destinations to choose from all over India.

Exclusivity, unfettered privacy and unparalleled luxury.

24/7 guidance and support with travel advisors, guides and personal assistants to take care of your loved ones.

The best bespoke experiences at the Taj Mahal, backwaters of Kerala, palaces of Rajasthan, spa retreats at the Himalayas and Varanasi, temple tours of Karnataka and wildlife safaris.

Ethical environmentally-sustainable tourism practices in tandem with the local communities.


We estimate that you will need at least two to three weeks to cover most of the top attractions in India. A country-wide eclectic itinerary should include the following regions:

  1. GOLDEN TRIANGLE region of Agra, Delhi, Jaipur (where Mughal attractions like Red Fort, Taj Mahal and remnants of the Lutyens British Raj are located) +the other key Rajasthani stopovers like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Ranthambore National Park.
  2. A spiritual stopover at Varanasi.

                   III.         HIMALAYAN HILL STATION STAY at Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Ladakh or Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Wildlife and Tiger Safaris at National Parks of Madhya Pradesh (Bandhavgarh and Panna).
  2. A spa retreat in the backwaters of KERALA.

Vi.        A BEACH VACATION at Goa, Andamans or Karnataka.

The WINTER (OCTOBER TO MARCH) is the best time to travel to most parts of India. The days are bright and shiny and the temperature ranges from 41°F to 77° F.

The MONSOON (JULY-AUGUST/SEPTEMBER) tends to be quite wet and humid, whereas in the summer (April-June) mercury can rise to 104 ° F.

But you do have the option of traveling to the Himalayan hill stations in the summer and the best tiger and wildlife spotting also occurs during these months.

TRADITIONAL TOURS offer you fixed and rigid itineraries and lump you together with large groups of travelers. You are pigeonholed to a strict schedule and a bunch of cliched unimaginative ‘touristy’ things.

PRIVATE TOURS, in contrast, are catered to your needs with itineraries specifically to your choices and preferences. You choose when you travel, how you travel, what you want to see and how you want to see it.


That requires 24/7 guidance and support from experienced tour advisors, consultants and guides who are always available to serve.

That, of course, costs a little extra. But in the end, nothing trumps the safety, comfort and ease of your loved ones. So in the end, it is all worth it.  

Yes, major international currencies like dollars and euros are easily exchanged all over the country.

Yes, they are available at all major tourist destinations and nooks and corners of towns and cities across India. But please be sure to inform your bank before departing for India so your access is not blocked by them.

Yes. Visitors from most countries need a valid prior or on-arrival visa before entering India. You should check your country’s visa requirements before booking a ticket to India.

Visitors from most countries can now obtain an Indian e-visa, while some countries still require an old-fashioned consular visa.  Our dedicated VISA Team can help you secure your E-VISA.

Yes. SIM cards are available at Kiosks in most international airports.

Millions of tourist travel to India every year and a lot of them are solo travelers. India is a safe place to travel but as with everywhere else, it is important to follow precautions and stay safe.

Book your travels with well-rated tour operators, stay at top-reviewed accommodations, avoid staying out late unnecessarily, prefer pre-arranged pick-and-drop services and prefer booking through your hotel.

Yes. On average India got over 10 million visitors from all over the globe before the pandemic struck annually. The numbers are rising up to that level again.

Yes. India is a popular tourist destination for families and there are so many fun outdoor activities like wildlife safaris, camel safaris and outdoor camping that children find fun.

Not to mention the culture and heritage tours which are tremendously educational and offer a broader learning experience.

The electric supply in India is 230 Volts, which is different from the 110 Volts used in the US but similar to the Volts used in the UK and other regions. 

Yes, at hotels and retail outfits in major cities credit cards are readily accepted. But in smaller towns and off-the-beaten-path regions, cash is still the king.

India has only one Time Zone. The Indian Standard Time is GMT+5:30

The Classic Golden Triangle

Agra fort
06 Nights / 07 Days
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Golden Triangle with Udaipur

Amber Palace
07 Nights / 08 Days
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Exploring the Best of Rajasthan

16 Nights / 17 Days
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Oberoi Amarvilas
Taj Lake Palace
The Lodhi
Taj Falaknuma
Oberoi Rajvilas
Oberoi Udaivilas
Raas Rajmahal

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