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Previously known as Banaras or Kashi, Varanasi, in many ways, is to Hinduism what Jerusalem is to the Abrahamic religions.

No trip to India is complete without a soul-cleansing pilgrimage to the holiest site of Hinduism in the world.

Millions of devotees, pilgrims and tourists from all over the world throng to this awe-inspiring city on the banks of the magnificent Ganges to seek solace and find answers to existential questions of life.

Located in Uttar Pradesh in what is called a middle-Ganges valley, the holy city is one of the oldest continually inhabited metropolises in India. A trip to Varanasi feels like a voyage back in time into the true ancient heart of India as described in its epics and scriptures.

Every year millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world flock to this holy city to find spiritual enlightenment and peace, making it one of the most visited places in all of India.

In the Hindu faith, Kashi or Varanasi is considered the last stop in a long journey of reincarnations toward ultimate salvation.

At RESPLENDENT TRAVEL, we will make sure that your journey to Varanasi is comfortable and luxurious.

With flexible itineraries catered exactly to your needs, we offer customized bespoke tours and experiences. Our 24/7 guidance and support make sure you and your loved ones are safe.  


Mahabharat, the ancient scripture, refers to the city as “Kashi”—the City of Lights. Deriving its name from the Sanskrit root ‘Kasi’ which means ‘to shine,’ the city does precisely that.

It is a city that shines and oozes with bright colors. Here are some experiences you shouldn’t miss:

Ganga Aarti
Spectacular Sunrise
Varanasi culture
Banaras Bhojan
Yoga and Meditation


Palace Hotels
Mystical Ghats
Melodies of Devotion
Sacred Ashram
Evening Boat
Artisan Workshop
Weaving Factory

Luxury Tours In Varanasi

What To Know Before You Go

The most important city in Hindu world is also home to some of India’s most exquisite centuries-old palaces built by various dynasties and Maharajas.

Now repurposed in to luxury heritage hotels, these Havelis and palaces— that were originally built for royalties—offer a truly royal experience.

As a city that welcome millions of visitors that can sometimes feel crowded, it sure has these oases of comfort and tranquility that give you a much-needed respite from the frenetic bustle and buzz of its metropolis.

At RESPLENDENT TRAVEL LLP, we offer comfortable stays at best heritage hotels in Varanasi that combine old-world charm and mystique with the familiar amenities of a modern hotel.

Why Should You Choose Varanasi Private Tours Offered By Us?

Bespoke arrangements that put the safety and comfort of your family above everything else.

Bespoke boat rides, silk district tours and Sitar recitals.

Private heritage tours, Ghats exploration trips.

Arrangements for customized comfortable stays at Ashrams.

Exclusivity, unfettered privacy and unparalleled comfort.

Tailor-made itineraries as per your needs.

24/7 guidance and support with travel advisors and guides

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are short of time then you need a minimum of 2 days to explore all the temples, shrines, holy places and museums.

We recommend a trip of 4-5 days so you won’t feel rushed and thoroughly enjoy the travel experience

Summers tend to get quite humid and hot. Best time to visit is in winter (from October to March) when the temperatures are moderate and pleasant.

Since it is a holy site, all visitors regardless of where they come from, are expected to respect the decorum and sanctity of the place and dress accordingly.

At the Kashi Mandir, if they wish to touch Baba’s deity, Women should wear a “Saree” and men a “Kurta-dhoti” (the long Indian shirt and loincloth-trousers).

There are so many reasons: ancient history, culture, heritage, museums, food, the colorfulness of the city and its religious festivals.

But the biggest reason for tourists from all over the world to throng to Varanasi is to find spiritual calm, salvation and enlightenment.

Varanasi is home to many ‘salvation homes’ where old people spend their time in meditation and wait to die in peace.

That might shock you a bit, but there is actually a spiritual reason for it.

In Hindu tradition, death in this holy city means an end to the cycle of reincarnations which the soul is trapped in.

Varanasi is believed to be last stop in an eternal journey—the stepping stone to absolute freedom for the soul.

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