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Things to Do
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Varanasi (also called Benaras or Kashi)  is often referred to as – The Mecca for the Hindus, the oldest continuous inhabited city in the world, people of the Hindu faith visit Varanasi for religious reasons and for tourists the city is filled with cultural and spiritual experiences.

The river Ganges flows through here, it is believed that the holy water of the river washes away your sins, millions of devotees visit every year here for soul cleansing rituals.

It is also the land of some of India’s most renowned classical musicians, artists and dancers.

A trip to Varanasi is almost like traveling back in time into the true ancient heart of India as described in its epics and scriptures, a visit to Varanasi adds a very unique unmatched experience to any trip to India.

We will make sure that your journey to Varanasi is comfortable and luxurious.

With flexible itineraries catered exactly to your needs, we offer customized bespoke tours and experiences. Our 24/7 guidance and support make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

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Witness the Enigmatic Ganga Aarti

Every evening the Ganga Aarti ritual ceremony is carried out by priests on the Ghats (River Banks) to honor the holy Ganga, that is considered the holiest of all rivers in Hindu mythology.

The intense devotional ceremony is quite the spectacle with the loud blaring of shells, ringing of bells, singing of hymns and clanging of brass cymbals. It is a must-do Varanasi travel activity.


Sunrise boatride on the Sacred Ganges

One of the truly unforgettable experiences in Varanasi is to witness the sunrise from one of the Ghat (embankments) on the Ganges River.

As per Hindu traditions the sunrise time when the first rays of the Sun hit the earth is a pious time for religious rituals, as we worship lord Sun, devotees of god Sun and mother Ganges perform their daily rituals at the beak of dawn on the river.

You get into a boat at just before sunrise to witness the rituals and take an hour long ride on the river going by the different ghats (embankments) to witness...

Varanasi's old city


Walking tour through Varanasi's old city

Varanasi is a fascinating city which been around for centuries all together and every nook and corner  with a millions tales to tell, the maze of narrow lanes of the old city around the Ganges offer an intriguing cultural experience.

A bespoke walking tour of this ancient city visiting the tucked away corners with a local guide is one well worth experience.

Varanasi street food


Varanasi street food expereince

On account of being a holy site that has over the centuries attracted millions of tourists from all parts of the world, the city has become an amazingly diverse melting pot of culinary traditions.

You shouldn’t miss the Kachori sabzi, Aloo Kachori, Baati Choka, Chena Dahi Vada, Choora Matar, Laaiya Channa and dozens of other delicacies offered here.



Visit Sarnath : The Sacred Buddhist site

10 km from Varanasi lies SARNATH, the place where Buddha offered his first sermon (Maha Dharm Chakra Parivartan) to his disciples after attaining Nirvana at Bodh Gaya, is Sarnath.

The site is now one of Buddhism’s holiest sites.

river banks


Stay at a Heritage hotel on the river banks

As one of the oldest continually inhabited cities of India, VARANASI has hundreds of Havelis and old magnificent palaces that have now been turned into Heritage Palace Hotels offering 5-star luxury and opulence at par with any modern establishment.



Explore the Ghats of Varanasi

Varanasi has 84 Ghats (embankments). These Embankments feature riverfront steps that lead to banks of Ganga and are used for ceremonial cleansing baths, cremations and devotional ceremonies.

Each Ghat has its own mythical lore and history.

A private guided tour to explore the hidden secrets of these Ghats is worth taking time out for.


Participate in a Classical Sitar Recital at a Temple

Music is a form of worship in Varanasi. One classical musical instrument that is used in the devotional music performed at the sacred temple in Varanasi is the Sitar.

Allow your soul to be serenaded with our bespoke soothing recital of the Sitar.



Sacred Solace at an Ashram

Thousands of devotees seeking salvation and ultimate freedom, take refuge in Ashrams in the holy city.

Spend a day or two at an Ashram and partake in the pursuit of learning and spiritual enlightenment.

Artisan Workshop


Immersive Artisan Workshop Experience

Famous for its silk, brocades, Sarees, carpets and handicrafts, Banaras is a hub of craftsmanship perfected over centuries. Watch some of its finest artisans work their magic in a workshop.



Visit a Traditional Akhara (Wrestling Ground)

KUSHTI, the Indian form of wrestling, traces its roots to the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata where Parashuram, famed for fabled strength and power, features in key roles.

Today some 30 Akharas (wrestling clubs that offer lodging and training) have kept the ancient tradition alive. Watch the Pehlwans (warriors) lift weights and go about their regime. 

Weaving Factory


Tour of a Weaving Factory

The weavers’ district of Varanasi, the Silk Capital of India, is famous for its silk brocades and Banarasi Sarees.

Take a private tour of the family quarters of famous weaving families and get to see their process up close.

Taj Nadesar Palace

Taj Nadesar Palace

BrijRama Palace
Suryauday Haveli
Taj Ganges
Guleria Kothi

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