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Nestled in the mighty mountains of the Eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country sandwiched between China in the north and India in the south.

Known locally as “DRUK YUL KHAP” (“the Land of The Thunder Dragon”) Bhutan is famous for its rugged Himalayan beauty, picturesque valleys, serene lakes, deliberately preserved indigenous culture, vibrant festivals, monasteries and Buddhist spirituality.

This small nation of only 777,000 people follows a unique “high-value, low-impact” tourism policy that seeks to protect the unique cultural heritage of the country from the onslaught of unfettered commercial mass tourism.

Travel in the country can only be carried out through authorized tour operators and tourists are expected to follow certain rules. The country follows a holistic approach to development which it calls Gross National Happiness.

We offer flexible tour packages and itineraries to Bhutan that cover the entire spectrum of attractions the country has to offer.

Personalized to your needs and style, our travel operations stand out from the rest due to an array of meticulously-curated bespoke experiences, utmost luxury at the leading hotels and retreats and 24/7 guidance and support by expert travel advisors and guides.


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Frequently Asked Questions


These months are considered the spring months and the landscape is characterized by clear skies, blossoming flowers, greenery and gentle breezes sweeping across the valleys.

It is also a great time for hiking and many of the popular cultural festivals like Paro Tshechu are held during this time of the year.

The Summer months (June to August) are the rainy season and the trails are hard to scale. Autumn (September-November) is also a good time to visit as the foliage changes color. Winter (December to February), on the other hand, is chilly and frosty.

A week to 10 days is a good enough time for a visit to this landlocked country.

Begin with a visit to the nation’s capital in Thimphu, followed by some scenic sightseeing and a spiritual stopover at Bumthang.

Do not forget to visit Paro— the site of the legendary Tiger’s Nest monastery. Attend a local “Tshechu” festival.

Go river rafting the Punakha River. Spend a day with Yak herders. And, visit a tea plantation.

Bhutanese people do not generally wear shorts but if tourists wear shorts, they are tolerated.

However, bear in mind that Bhutan is a very traditional and religious place and it is considered disrespectful to visit a monastery and temple or attend a cultural festival wearing shorts or skimpy clothes.

When visiting sacred places, it is more appropriate to dress modestly. Jeans or trousers and shirts that cover your body are the more prudent dress when visiting traditional and sacred places.

Yes, you can. It is permitted to drink, but bear in mind that foreigners are allowed to carry a maximum of 1 liter of alcoholic drinks.

Beer, whiskey and local spirits are readily available in the country. Bhutanese people love their alcoholic drink called “ara” which is distilled out of wheat, grain and corn.

It is because the Government of Bhutan aims to preserve the unique heritage and culture of the county with a “high-value, low-volume” tourism policy that restricts the number of visitors and disallows independent travel.

It is also a country that is notoriously difficult to get to on account of its difficult rugged terrain. Its only international airport in Paro is located in a deep valley surrounded by high peaks and flights to the country are often disrupted by bad weather.

Yes, despite its peculiarities of quasi-isolationism and state-imposed restrictions on mass travel, it is still a country with a low crime rate and is generally quite safer for tourists.

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