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The historical capital of the medieval Kingdom of Mewar, Udaipur, is famous for its old-world Rajputana charm, picturesque lakes, palaces, Havelis, temples, cultural festivals, folk dances and an aura of romance.

Known as the “City of Lakes” due to its seven manmade lakes, all of which are connected through an intricate web of arched bridges and canals, Udaipur is often termed “Venice of the East.”

Lake Pichola, the oldest lake in the region, on the banks of which many of the city’s top tourist destinations are located, dates back to 1362 AD. It is interconnected with other lakes like the Fateh Sagar, Swaroop, Rangsagar and Doodh Talai Lakes.

The emperor of Mewar Maharana Udai Singh II moved his capital from Chittorgarh after the Mughal Emperor Akbar besieged his old capital to a new city he founded and is now named after him, Udaipur.

Nestled in a high elevated plateau on the banks of an enchanting lake with the lush green Aravalli Mountain range surrounding it, the Maharana was drawn to the serenity and beauty of the land.

Over the centuries that followed, the Maharana and his descendants added stunning marvels to the Udaipur landscape (like the City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyon ki Bari, Jagmandir, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, Bagore ki Haveli and many other attractions) that now draw millions of tourists worldwide.

Udaipur became a British Princely State in 1818 AD, and therefore, despite the tides of colonial transformation in the rest of India preserved its traditional Rajputana charm and mystique.

At RESPLENDENT TRAVEL, we offer flexible tour packages and tailor-made itineraries to Udaipur —one of India’s most coveted tourist destinations.

With decades of experience in the luxury travel hospitality niche, we are your companion for an ideal vacation in a land of mystical lakes. We offer private tours to all the major attractions in Udaipur and provide bespoke experiences along with 24/7 guidance and support.


From lakes and forts to palaces, museums, Havelis, temples and endless opportunities for cultural and culinary immersion, there is no dearth of things to do in the most romantic city in India.

Here is a list of the must-have Udaipur travel experiences that we think you should not miss out on.

Regal Retreats
Sunset Boat Ride
Majestic Marvels
Flavors of Royalty
Rhythms of Tradition
Old City
Rooftop Soiree
Artisan's Paradise


Royal Feast
Unveiling Legends
Lakeside Serenity
Sunset Champagne
Vintage Cruise
Rural Adventure
Palace Dance
Luxury Wellness

Luxury Udaipur Tours And Packages

What To Know Before You Go

Udaipur is an important destination in Rajasthan and gives the bigger and more famous capital Jaipur a run for its money due to its romantic charm, small-town old-world aura and the serenity evoked by its mystical lakes and the lush green Aravalli Hills.

Palaces and haveli dot the banks of its lakes and hilltop.

Many of these heritage buildings have now been restored to their original glory and turned into 5-star accommodations.

The question of luxury and comfort is, therefore, sorted. Resplendent Travels offers a range of 5-star heritage stay options to choose from.

Why Should You Choose Our Tailor-Made Holiday Packages?

Flexible tailor-made itineraries suited to your preferences and needs.

Luxurious accommodations in heritage ‘Palace’ hotels.

Exclusivity and unfettered privacy.

Unparalleled luxury with meticulously curated bespoke cultural, culinary, meditational and historical experiences. 

Bespoke dance and cultural performances, royal feasts at heritage Havelis, history tours with erudite historians, private yoga sessions, vintage car tours and lake-view rooftop soirees.

Exclusivity, unfettered privacy and unparalleled luxury at the best 5-star and heritage hotels.

24/7 guidance and support.

Ethical environmentally-sustainable tourism practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should give yourself a minimum of three days to tick off all the must-see destinations and must-do activities.

Udaipur is probably the most romantic city in all of India. The last thing you want to do is rush through it.

We recommend that you slow down, soak it all in, savor all the sights, immerse yourself in some Rajasthani culture and indulge in sumptuous regional gourmet pursuits.

Udaipur, the historical capital of the medieval Kingdom of Mewar, is famous for its serene lakes like Pichola, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lakes, Arsi Vilas and many other smaller manmade water bodies, all of which are connected through intricate webs of canals and arched bridges.

In these lakes are nestled gorgeous retreats, palaces, and palatial Havelis. Banks of these lakes are also lined with magnificent temples, palaces, forts and other architectural wonders.

It is on account of these reasons that the region gets its moniker—the Venice of the East— and is one of India’s most favorite honeymoon destinations.

But Udaipur is not just about a Venice-like vibe, there is so much more to it, like the grand City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyon ki Bari, Jagmandir, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, Ambrai Ghat and Bagore ki Haveli.

Absolutely. The enchanting city of Udaipur draws millions of tourists to its serene lakes, lush green hills, magnificent palaces and havelis, forts, heritage hotels, arts & crafts, temples, old-warm Rajputana charm and above all an aura of romance which makes it one of the most visited places in India for a honeymoon.

Since Jaipur was and still is the historical capital of the Rajasthan region, it is therefore a city of royalty, palaces and forts.

With a population of over 3 million, Jaipur with its dense urban chaos has the feel of a modern Indian metropolis.

Whereas Udaipur is a smaller, less populated (only 0.6 million people) city that exudes a quaint old-world Rajputana charm and calm vibes with its serene lakes, palaces and greener landscape. Jaipur is more touristy and therefore, more expensive to tour.

The best time to visit is from OCTOBER TO MARCH when the weather is very pleasant with mercury ranging between 15°C to 28°C.

Since the region is located in rugged rocky terrain and is surrounded by a vast desert, SUMMERS (APRIL-SEPTEMBER) get very hot and humid and temperatures can get up to the mid 40s°C.

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