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Home to one of the seven wonders of the world the Taj Mahal, Agra is famous for its mausoleums, forts, old bazaars, city quarters, sumptuous Mughal cuisine &temples — making it one of India’s most visited tourist destinations.

Once the seat and capital of the great Mughal Empire, this grand old city located on the banks of the Yamuna River now bustling and brimming with life and urban hustle typical of contemporary India finds a mention in the ancient Hindu scripture— the Mahabharat.

We offer luxury tour packages and itineraries for a personalised trip to Agra. Our tours are marked by luxurious bespoke experiences curated with the utmost professional efficiency.

With decades of experience in the luxury travel hospitality niche, we ensure that your trip is truly memorable and hassle-free.

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Visit Taj Mahal at Sunrise & Sunset

Built by the great Mughal Emperor SHAH JAHAN as a homage to his beloved wife Mumtaz who passed away during childbirth, the Taj Mahal took 22 years to build with a workforce of 22,000 men. Every stone, every piece of marble and every stroke of the calligraphy is executed to perfection.

Watching the sunrise at the Taj Mahal is just as majestic as a sunset at the ultimate symbol of love. You can’t miss either.

Taj Mahal Views


Stay at a Luxury Hotels with Taj Mahal Views

The Agra metro area is now a densely populated urban sprawl of an estimated 2 million. There are very few good hotels that offer you unhindered exclusive views of the Taj.

Imgine waking up to a sunrise view of the Taj Mahal from your balcony, The Oberoi Amarvilas located just 600 mts. from the Taj Mahal offers  luxury accommodations that offer stunning views of the landmarks from their the rooms and common areas.

Agra Fort


Discover the Historic Splendor of Agra Fort

The Great Mughal Emperor AKBAR built the AGRA FORT (1565-73 AD) and it served as the main residence of the emperors until 1638 when the capital was moved to Delhi.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the 94 Acre Fort is a grand sight to behold. Unshroud the mystery, myth and history behind this architectural wonder with our exclusive tour conducted by a renowned historian-guide.

Mughlai food


Try the delicious Mughlai food

Have you ever wondered what the Mughal cuisine was like?  Well, we always do. That is why we have compiled the quintessential royal menu for you.

We recommend a table full of mouth-watering Mughal delights: Murgh Jehangiri, Mughlai Paratha, Murgh Mussalam, Kadahai Gosh and Shahi Paneer Korma. Sample some dessert afterward. We recommend some Shahi Tukda, Sheer Khorma and Kulfi.

Fatehpur Sikri


Discover the Timeless Heritage of Fatehpur Sikri

The old city of FATEHPUR SIKRI which lies 25 m/35Kms outside of Agra was founded by the emperor Akbar and served as his capital from 1571 to 1585 AD but he abandoned it later to focus on a campaign in Punjab from the new capital of DELHI.

Sikri is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site which features famous sites like the Jama Masjid, Holy Tomb of Hazrat Salim Chishti, Jodha Bai’s Palace, Buland Darwaza, the Hiran Minar and many other landmarks.

Baby Taj


The lesser know jewel - Baby Taj

The staggeringly beautiful ITIMAD UD DAULA TOMB built from 1622-28, which predates the Taj Mahal, is believed to carry the architectural blueprint that was later incorporated into the Mahal. It is affectionately known as Baby Taj.

Commissioned by the Empress Nur Jehan for her father Mirza Gias Beg, it is the first white marble mausoleum, decorated with intricate inlay of semi-precious stones and fine screening and painting work.


Visit the Marble Artistry Workshop

The Taj Mahal and Baby Taj are decorated with fine stone inlay work, a traditional handicraft technique which is said to have traveled from central Agra during the Mugahl times,

The all-hand-made Pietra Dura art technique used in the staggeringly intricate calligraphic and floral inlays is the true work of genius, visit a marble workshop to witness the artisans doing it livee



Taj Mahal Portraits: Exclusive Photoshoot In Eternal Love's Embrace

Perhaps the most photographed building in the world, the Taj MAhal is a photographer’s delight.

Imagine an exclusive photoshoot at the site of the ultimate homage to love, creating memories with your loved one that will live forever. We offer you an exclusive photoshoot opportunity at the Taj.



Heritage Village Walk – Kachpura

At the Taj, the vibe is of opulence, artistic mastery, royal elegance and sophistication. But you won’t help but wonder how the common people of the time lived—the stone masons, the calligraphers, the laborers, the artisans, the masses.

On the other side of the Taj, across the Yamuna River, lies the KACHHPURA VILLAGE. Our heritage trail will walk you through the Agra of these working-class people.

cooking session


A cooking session at a local Home

Food and cuisine are amongst the major attractions for any traveler to India, a home visit to participate in the kitchen, learn about the recipes to cook some of the most famous Mughal dishes at the residence of an Agra local renowned for their culinary excellence and hospitality. They are sure to let you in on a few family food secrets.

Full moon


Taj Mahal By The Full Moon

The Mughals loved their poetry. Great patrons of poetry and fine arts, almost all emperors could write a couplet or two. Many princes compiled their own Diwan (collection of poetry). One metaphor that features prominently in the Persian and Urdu poetry traditions is the Full Moon, a symbol of romantic yearning and desire.

You have to witness the Taj during the Full Moon. Guided night tours are allowed only 5 days of the month (on the night of the full moon and two days each before and after the night of the full moon).

Wildlife Sos


Visit Wildlife Sos Bear And Elephant Rescue Facilities

WILDLIFE SOS AGRA BEAR RESCUE FACILITY, run by the Forest Department, is home to almost 200 sloth bears rescued from all over India.

Wildlife SOS also runs the Elephant Conservation Care Center located 15 minutes from the Bear Care Facility which looks after 20 rescued elephants.

Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

ITC Mughal
The Coral House

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