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Exploring India's Breathtaking Wildlife
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Home of the Royale Bengal Tigers, giant Asian Elephants, fish-eating Gharial crocodiles, the endangered Indian Rhinoceroses, the reclusive Himalayan snow leopards, Asiatic lions and Gaur Bisons, INDIA is a land of mesmerizing wildlife wonders and thrilling adventures.

Its 106 national parks and 544 wildlife sanctuaries host some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring and mythical creatures from the animal and plant kingdoms.

We take you on an all-exclusive wildlife safari to the most exciting wildlife destinations in India.

We offer flexible bespoke itineraries catered perfectly to your needs and style. With 24/7 guidance and support and decades of experience in the luxury travel hospitality niche, we are your companion for an ideal wildlife adventure in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

National Parks in India are closed for the occasional public holidays like Holi or Diwali and during the monsoon break season (July-September) when there is massive rainfall and the possibility of floods and other natural calamities.

The dates of closures vary across the country, so it is important you check out dates that are typically listed on the websites of the respective National Park or the state tourism department’s travel portals.

RANTHAMBORE and all national parks of MADHYA PRADESH (Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Panna) close every Wednesday afternoon for Safaris and from 1st July to 30 September for the monsoon break.

JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK is closed from 16th June to 15th November. Kaziranga closes from May to October due to floods. Tadoba closes every Tuesday, and from 1st July to 15th October. Sunderbans is not ideal for a visit during the monsoon months when the region gets flooded.

Options vary across national parks.

Some parks allow private safaris, others only allow shared safaris. We can arrange private as well as shared 6-seater Gypsy depending upon availability.

The hot months of April, May and June are the best months to see tigers because they usually congregate near water holes or shaded green areas.

But bear in mind that it is also the hottest time of the year in India and you are going to have to brave the rising temperature.

Yes, most national parks in India allow amateur smartphone cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, and big-lens cameras. Some, however, charge a fee.

But if you are a professional wildlife cinematographer, you will need permission from the forest authorities.

The best national parks for Tiger-spotting are Ranthambore (Rajasthan), the parks of Madhya Pradesh (Bandhavgarh, Pench, Kanha) and Jim Corbett’s National Park in Uttarakhand.

Out of the 50 Tiger Reserves in India, these regions are your best bet for spotting tigers out in the wild.

Timings can vary slightly from park to park due to changes in seasons and daylight hours, but typically a safari or game drive in India lasts around 3 to 4 hours and operates during two time periods of the day.

The “morning safari” runs from 6 am to 9 am, whereas the “afternoon safari” runs from 3 pm to 6 pm.

An elusive creature, the tiger is a master of disguise. It is a notoriously difficult animal to spot in the wild due to its camouflage and stealth expertise. Please bear in mind that just because you go on a tiger safari doesn’t mean that you will always spot a tiger and that is what makes the whole endeavor so exciting and frustrating.

Some people do get lucky on their first safari and spot the tiger but on average, we reckon, you have to give yourself three safaris for a higher chance of spotting a tiger.

At places like Ranthambore National Park, there is a good 75% chance of spotting a tiger after three safaris.

Lately, tourists have reported substantial tiger sightings at Bandhavgarh, as well as Kanha National Parks in Madhya Pradesh.

We recommend that you wear relaxing loose-fitting clothes in colors that are not too bright and blend easily with the surroundings.

Neutral colors like Khaki, light brown or tan are ideal. Grab a safari hat and a pair of sunglasses as well.



Ranthambore Revelry: Rajasthan's Jungle Adventure

Located 130km from Jaipur in Sawai Madhopur District, the erstwhile hunting ground of Maharaja of Jaipur, the RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK is the biggest and most famous national park in North India.

Named after the ancient Ranthambore fort in the region, this iconic 400 sq. km. national park draws a large number of tourists and wildlife photography lovers. The main attraction, of course, is the Royal Bengal Tiger.



Bandhavgarh Bliss: Madhya Pradesh's Tiger Haven

The 105 sq. km. BANDHAVGARH NATIONAL PARK in Vindhya Hills of  Madhya Pradesh is the home of the mythical White Tiger.

Comprising steep ridges, snaking hills, sprawling meadows, and dense forest cover, this former hunting ground of the  Maharaja of Rewa has the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers anywhere in India. 

The now-stuffed first White Tiger ever hunted by the Maharaja is a tourist attraction. Bandhavgarh is rated as one of the top tiger reserves in India.

Kanha Wildlife


Kanha's Wildlife Wonder: Madhya Pradesh's Untamed Wilderness

The inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” the 940 sq. km., KANHA National Park is located in the Maikal Mountain Range of Madhya Pradesh highlands.

It hosts not just the Bengal Tigers, but also Indian leopards, sloth bears, Barasingha (swamp deer) and Dhole (Asian Wild Dogs).


Pench Serenade: Luxury Amidst Madhya Pradesh's Jungles

Located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh in the Seoni and Chhindwara Districts, this park derives its name from the majestic Pench River that flows through it. 

One of the most popular parks in the country, the 758 sq. km PENCH NATIONAL PARK is home to Royal Bengal Tigers, jackals, wild gods, wild boars, Indian leopards, striped hyenas, Gaurs, the Indian wolf and many other exotic animals.



Corbett's Tiger Trails: Uttarakhand's Wild Encounters

Established in 1936 during the British Raj, the 520 sq. km. JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK in Nainital, Uttarakhand is India’s first-ever National Park.

Originally named after the Governor of the United Provinces William Malcolm Hailey, the Indian Government renamed it in 1956 to pay homage to the services of renowned naturalist and hunter Jim Corbett.

Located at a height of 1300-4000 ft above sea level in the lesser Himalayas, this park is home to 586 species, including the Indian elephants, leopards, jungle cats, fishing cats, deer, Himalayan Black Bears, pangolins, and langurs.


Kaziranga Quest: Assam's Rhino Expedition

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kaziranga National Park in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam is home to two-thirds of the total population of Indian rhinoceroses on the planet.

Their population has shown steady progress over the years thanks to the conservation efforts of authorities and now stands at 2,613 (up from 2,401 in 2015).

Aside from its Rhinos, the KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK is recognized by UNESCO as an “Important Bird Area.”

The water bodies and four rivers that flow through here, including the Brahmaputra, combined with topography of marshlands, tropical moist broadleaf forest, and elephant grass sustain a large...



Tadoba's Tiger Escapade: Maharashtra's Luxury Safari

The 577 sq. km TADOBA ANDHARI TIGER RESERVE in Chandrapur, Maharashtra is the oldest reserve in the state that derives its name from the god “Tadoba” worshipped by the tribes of the region who believe Tadoba resides in the dense foliage of this enchanting and intimidating forest.

As of 2020, 88 tigers have been documented here. Taboda also hosts Indian leopards, Indian Wild Dogs, honey badgers, jungle cats, Sambar stags, Gaurs (Indian Bisons) and important reptiles (like the endangered Indian python, Indian cobra, and Russel’s vipers).



Sundarbans Secrets: West Bengal's Tiger Expedition

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, the 1339 sq. km SUNDARBANS in the Ganges Delta in West Bengal houses a national park, a tiger reserve, and a biosphere.

Neighboring the Sundarbans Reserve Forest in Bangladesh, it comprises 102 small islands and is covered in a dense mangrove forest that is designated by the UN as a “wetland site of international importance” under the Ramsar Convention.

 Sundarbans host the Royal Bengal Tigers, saltwater crocodiles, Ganges River dolphin, and hawksbill turtle as well as a large number of reptiles like chameleons, monitor lizards, Indian pythons, King Cobra, and Chinese Green vipers.

Capture the Roar


Capture The Roar: Private Tiger Photography Masterclass

If you are into wildlife photography, chances are you have always dreamed of snapping that perfect photo out in the wild of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger staring right into your camera lens.

That dream comes true in our private luxury safari tours but you are going to need help. Our photography masterclass conducted by world-class wildlife photographers will help you prepare for that elusive perfect moment when it beckons.

Conservation Insider


Conservation Insider: Immersive Wildlife Conservation Experience

Launched by the government of India in 1973, “Project Tiger” has ensured over the decades that the Bengal Tiger population grows at a steady sustainable rate in their natural habitat. Some 54 Tiger Reserves across India that span the natural prowling lands of the animal have now been declared and established.

Once nearing extinction, the Tiger population has grown to an estimated 2500-3300. Join our conservation collaborations at wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves and get to be a part of the struggle to save this mythical creature for our future generations.



Enchanting Elephants: Intimate Elephant Encounter

Aside from tigers and lions, the one animal that draws wildlife enthusiasts to India is the Indian Elephant. In places like Kerala and Rajasthan, elephants have for centuries played a vital role as spearheads for war machinery, forerunners at religious festivals and processions, rides for royalty, and executors of difficult labor work. But unfortunately, elephants do tend to get mistreated.

One way to enjoy an ethical encounter with elephants is by visiting our private tours to conservation centers like Wildlife S.O.S Elephant Centre at Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), Kipling Camp (Kanha, Madhya Pradesh), and Elefantastic (Jaipur Rajasthan).

Luxury Tent


Glamorous Glamping: Luxury Tent Camping In The Wild

As a land of glamorous royalty and opulent kingdoms, the kings, queens, and princes of Hindustan loved to venture out into the wild for leisurely entertainment and hunting expeditions.

Follow their footsteps in a royal camping experience in luxury tented camps equipped with all the amenities you can wish for. Imagine magical sunrise and sunsets in the jungle with all its scintillating sights and sounds. Picture sumptuous regional cuisines and relaxing drinks to go with it.

Canoe Safari


Mystical Mangroves: Private Canoe Safari In Sundarbans

The mystical 1330 sq. km mangroves of the Sundarbans that straddle West Bengal and adjacent parts of Bangladesh are home to a substantial population of Bengal Tigers, saltwater crocodiles, marine turtles, Ganges river dolphin, and thousands of other species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

This sprawling Ganges Delta archipelago comprising 102 small islands is perfect for an unforgettable canoe experience

Treetop Haven-0000


Treetop Haven: Night Stay In Luxurious Treehouses

Thekkady in Kerala is famous for its tree houses nestled in idyllic lush green forests and backwaters. Enjoy our one-of-a-kind private treetop haven in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of serene Periyar Lake.

Nightfall Safari


Nightfall Safari: Private Expedition Into The Nocturnal World

It is one thing to see the jungle during day time, quite another when the sun goes down and the jungle transforms into an awe-inspiring dark “otherworld” and the nocturnal creatures take over the scene.

Our nightfall safari gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the wonders of the nocturnal world of the animal and plant kingdoms in an amazing Indian jungle.

Avian Odyssey


Avian Odyssey: Private Guided Birding Expedition

Keoladeo is the ultimate fantasy for bird lovers. Upgraded from the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary to a national park, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan which hosts 350 species of birds draws ornithologists from all over the world during the hibernal season.

Partake in our private guided Avian Odyssey to this amazing world of herons, storks, ducks, Indian shags, teals, shovels and cranes. 

Taj Corbett Resort

Taj Corbett Resort & Spa

Samode Safari Lodge
The Serai
Banjaar Tola
Red Earth

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