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The Mumbai Spice Market Tour

Aromas And Flavors

Spices are the secret mystery ingredients behind Indian food. Like tea, spices have shaped the course of the history of India.

Control of the maritime spice routes was one of the primary motives behind the emergence of modern colonialism.

Our exclusive Mumbai Spice Market Tour takes you on an aromatic journey in the incredible Lalbaugh Spice Market located in the heart of the city in Ganesh Nagar.

Sacks of red chilies neatly lined up in front of the shops greet you as you enter into this amazing world of cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, peppercorns, turmeric, mace, and other spices gathered from all over India.

Highlights of the Tour

  • A thorough cultural and culinary introduction to the amazing world of Indian spices
  • A brief historical overview of how spices have shaped the course of the history of Mumbai and India
  • Treasure hunting at the famous Chor Bazar (Thieves’ Market) of Bombay

What’s Included

  • Transportation
  • Refreshments
  • Parking and Toll
  • Cost of Guide

Lalbaugh Spice Market is a sensory delight. Delightful aromas of herbs and spices fill the air.  Each shop tries to lure the customer in with a slick and colorful display of their wares uniquely decorated and displayed. Women and men go about their process blending unique combos of just the right kind of ingredients to make their perfect spice.

Our exclusive Spice Tour takes you on an exciting journey to the labyrinth world of the spice bazaar with a history that dates back a century.

Our well-informed guide will give you a complete run-down of the history of spices and how they have shaped the modern history of India.

Our tour is as educational as it is sensory and visual. Learn how conquest, war, trade on the ancient Silk Roads, migration, colonialism, and civilizational interchange intertwine to shape what is today the rich and succulent Indian cuisine.

Your tour will begin with a stopover at the Labaugh Spice Market where an enchanting world of scents, colors, and tastes awaits you.

Your next stop will be the legendary Thieves Market (Chor Bazar)—famous for thrift items, and..well, you guessed it right, stolen items! Quite the place to go on a treasure hunt. You come across everything—from the mundane to the odd and whacky! Antique items, vintage furniture, vinyl records, record players, quaint electronic items—you name it!

While you are at it in the Spice Tour, you will be treated to a hot cup of Masala chai.

Note: The tour requires moderate physical activity and does not operate on Sundays. (Mon-Fri)

 Average time required for the tour: 3-4 hours

chor bazar 2
chor bazar
masala shop

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