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Amritsar Street Food Trail

Soulful Bites

Amritsar, the second biggest city in the northern Indian state of Punjab, is the seat of one of Sikhism’s most revered sites, the “Golden Temple” —Gurudwara Harmandir Singh.

Known locally as Ambarsar, this legendary city is famous for its Punjabi heritage, Sikh history, the legacy of the Indian partition, folk music, dances, festivals, and most importantly its lip-smacking Punjabi food.

Our exclusive and private Amritsar Street Food Trail introduces you to a delectable world of gastronomic delights of the city along with an educational overview of the city’s history.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Kulcha at the famous Kulcha eatery Kulwant Singh
  • Mouthwatering Jalebi at Gurdass Ram
  • Historical overview of Amritsar
  • Street Food at Telephone Exchange
  • Dhaba Food at Kesar

What’s Included

  • Transportation
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Parking and toll

This 3-4 hour long tour that spans around a 2-kilometer radius at the city center takes you to some of Amritsar’s beloved eateries, food stalls, and restaurants.

You’ll sample 7-8 local foods, desserts, and sweetmeats. You’ll also get a run-down of the process of how these dishes are made and the ingredients that are used to work the magic behind them. You’ll also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peak at a traditional eatery kitchen.

Here are some of the city’s most iconic foods you’ll enjoy:

Amritsari Kulcha — a leavened flatbread, the dough of which is made out of all-purpose flour, yogurt, baking soda, and a little bit of sugar. The most legendary kulcha shop in the city is Kulwant Singh opposite the Golden Temple. It is often served with Chole (spice chickpeas), Lassi (yogurt drink), or a carbonated drink.

Jalebi—a Jalebi is a red-colored pretzel-like sweet dish made out of deep-friend Maida (wheat flour) batter, soaked in a sugar syrup. It is enjoyed all over north India but Amritsar is particularly famous for its Jalebi. Best Jalebi place in Amritsar: Gurdass Ram.

Makhan ki Rori and Sarsaon Ka Saag ( Buttered Cornbread Roti/flatbread and mustard green curry). The pride of Punjab, often served with Lassi (yogurt-drink).

Lassi—Punjab’s favorite drink made out of yogurt, sugar, and cardamon. You can choose between a salty flavor and a sugary flavor.

Amritsari Fish—deep-fried fish marinated with spice and gram flour (besan).

Phirni— creamy rice pudding.

cooking session
kesar da dhaba

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