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The Old Delhi Experience

Street Food Adventure

The diversity of food in India is absolutely amazing and when it comes to street food each city has it’s own specialists, amongst all the places Delhi is probably the most popular place for it’s sumptuous street food, let us take you on the gastronomic journey to stimulate your taste buds to some of Delhi’s local delights.

Our signature Old Delhi street food walk takes you back to the Mughal times, Emperor Shahjehan established the city of Shahjehanabad (Now known as Old Delhi) and Chandani Chowk (silver Square) which stands right across the Red Fort was the centre of trade in the era, with lanes dedicated to trade of Spices, Textiles,Jewelry, Wedding-wear, there was a dedicated lane for food and the legacy continues till date with several shops in the markets which been around for 200 years.

Highlights of the Tour

Delhi Chaat (savory snacks):

Enjoy the street delicacies – To mention a few:

  • Golgappe or Pani puri – Round/Oval fried balls made of wheat/gram flour filled with a tangy water solution with lots of spices.
  • Aaloo Tikki – Deep fried potato patties served with a mix of tangy tamarind & Sweet sauce
    Cheela – A lentil based crisp pan-cake served with tangy and sweet sauces.
  • Chole – Bhature – Puffed bread served with chickpea curry and pickle.
  • Paranthas – Wide variety of unleavened flatbreads with fillings – Mashed Potatoes, Onions, Paneer, Cauliflower and lots of other options.
  • Chicken/Mutton Tikkas & Kebabs – Marinated chunks of Chicken cooked on a charcoal flame, kebabs are minced meat put on a skewer and cooked on a charcoal flame.
  • The desi sweets – Enjoy Jalebis (concentrated Sugar syrup dipped fermented gram batter based sweet snack & Kulfi – A very popular dairy desert.

A Metro train ride

Travel like a local, experience a ride in the Delhi Metro which is often described as the transport lifeline of Delhi

A fun-filled tricycle rickshaw ride

Experience the thrill of navigating the narrow by-lanes of Old Delhi in a hand pulled rickshaw with the hullabaloo of the two-wheelers as you go lane to lane discovering the hidden gems of the old city


  • 3 to 4 hours.(usual start times 1 PM or 5 PM).

The storytelling experience gives you a great experience of a metro train ride, a visit to the largest spice market in Asia, a curated street food experience and a fun-filled rickshaw ride through the maze-like alleyways of Old Delhi.

During the tour you also have a chance to visit the iconic Jami Masjid (Jama Mosque) which boasts to be the largest mosque in India & Gurudwara Seesganj Sahib (A Sikh Temple).

aalo chaat

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