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Conjuring Magic Along The Kaveri

Crafts Of Tanjore (Thanjavur – Tamil Nadu)

The city of Thanjavur is the sight of most of the Chola Living Temples, including its most famous temple—the Birhadeeswarar Temple.

Also known as Tanjore or Thanjai, this once glorious city—located on the banks of the Kaveri River— is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Chola.

It is also an important pilgrimage center for Hindus with millions of devotees thronging each year to its ancient temples.

For centuries, this now-eclipsed town was the primary hub of commerce, hub, culture and trade of the region. It performed the same role that a modern mega city like Chennai does in South India.

Highlights of the Tour

  • A brief historical introduction to the history of Thanjavur.
  • An overview of the role of River Kaveri in shaping the course of civilization in the region.
  • Personalized tour to workshops of the greatest artisans and craftsmen.
  • Interactions with the craftsmen.


  • Guide cost.
  • Transfers to the site of the tour
  • Bottle water and refreshments
  • Toll

The Kaveri River is to this part of India, what the Indus is to northwestern India, and what the Ganges is to the Indo-Gangetic plains of the upper parts of the subcontinent.

For centuries, this magnificent river has bestowed life and nourishment to civilizations along its stretch from the mountains of the Western Ghats to the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Sculpting, temple building, stone masonry, music, dance, painting, folk music, handicrafts, textile weaving and many other crafts flourished along the Kaveri. The city of Thanjavur was the primary center of all of these things.

Our “Conjuring Magic Along the Kaveri” is an exclusive tour that combines sightseeing and the heritage of the ancient town of Tanjore with the charming world of its centuries-old crafts.


You can pick from three of the most famous arts of the region. These include


  • Tanjore Paintings
  • Tanjore Bommai/Doll
  • Tanjore Plate and Textile Weaving


Once you have made your choice (in advance), your uniquely designed tour will take you to workshops and local factories where these ancient arts are still perfected.


You will get a behind-a-scene peek into the process, and learn about the crafts, their origin, the material sourced to make the products, etc. You will also get to interact with the artisans and masters.


While it is not mandatory that you purchase anything, it will be a great opportunity to grab yourself a unique piece of art or craft at a sizeable discount.



Note: The tour requires moderate physical activity and does not operate on Sundays. (Mon-Fri)


Average time required for the tour: 3-4 hours

Glass Painting
tanjore missing

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