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Jaipur Block Printing Class

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Rajasthan, “the Land of Rajas” is a land of regal palaces, towering forts, towering hospitality, and vibrant cultures. The region is also famous for its colorful traditional attires and garments.

Wooden Block Printing on fine locally-resourced cotton garments is one of Rajasthan’s famous crafts. It was introduced to the region by the Chipa community some 500 years ago, and it remains Rajasthan’s pride.

A hand-block printed fabric is still one of the best souvenirs you can pick in the state. Regions that are particularly famous for this art include Jaipur, Ajmer, Sanganer, and Bangru.

 The way it works is like this: a wooden block with ornate traditional floral and faunal designs —painstakingly designed is stamped on top of fine quality thin cotton fabric using locally brewed plant-based and natural dye.

Designs typically feature flowers, leaves, trees, birds, and animals like elephants.

Some historians have traced the art back to the 12th-century reign of Parmar and Chauhan. However, the current block-printing is mainly associated with the Chipa Rajput people.

Highlights of the Tour

  • A brief historical introduction to the history and cultural significance of the art.
  • A thorough run-down of the various stages and processes involved like color mixing, dye-making, and block-carving.
  • The intricate distinctions and hallmarks of each famous print block tradition—Dabu, Bagru, Sanganeri.
  • An all-encompassing training session conducted by a maestro of the art. You will learn how to make your block-printing fabric.


  • 3-4 hours.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to create a motif design or a complete block print design using water-based pigments.
  • You will learn how the masters of the artwork their magic by mixing and matching colors using Gad (ground), Rekh (Outline), and Datte (filler) designs.
  • Next up, you will learn how to create your own scarf or Sarong featuring bright hues of the Sanganeri Print.
  • When you are done with your class, you will take with u, as a souvenir, a most memorable piece of wearable art that you designed and put together yourself.
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