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Cochin Heritage Trail

Cultures Intertwined

Also known as Kochin, the coastal city of Cochin is the veritable cultural, financial and culinary capital of “God’s Own Country” Kerala.

Located on the Malabar Coast, this thriving port has a history that goes back centuries. Due to its riches and fantastic attractions—as a hub of the lucrative so-called Spice Trade— it has traditionally been called the “Queen of the Arabian Sea.”

Cochin was one of the world’s most important “Spice Trade Stopovers” for centuries and is considered one of the finest natural harbors in the world.

The history of Cochin is intertwined with the legacy of the Cochin Royal Family, which ruled the region for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans. Cochin is believed to have had trade ties with the Romans, Arabs, Persians, and the Chinese.

Our exclusive Cochin Heritage Trail takes you on a journey tracing the history and legacy of this magnificent and historic region.

Highlights of the Tour

  • A thorough overview of Kochin’s rich heritage and history.
  • Stopovers at key historical landmarks with splendid run-downs of their respective history.

What’s Included

  • Cost of Guide
  • bottled water and snacks
  • Parking and toll
  • Interactions

Our well-informed guide will give you a complete run-down of the history of Kochin.

The Portuguese (1503-1663) were the first Europeans to arrive here, using Fort Kochi as their primary trade enclave. They ceded control to the Dutch in 1663, who in turn lost the port to the British in 1814, following the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of London.

Stopovers on the trail:

Matancherry Palace (also known as the Dutch Palace) —a “tentative list” UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1545 AD, it used to be the primary residence of the former rule of the Kingdom of Cochin. The Palace features a larger number of famous murals painted in the Tempera style. The Coronation Hall exhibits murals and paintings of the Rajas of Cochin.

  • Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica (1558 AD), one of the only 9 basilicas in India.
  • Kerala Folklore Museum, which features a fine collection of 6,000 pieces of folk art.
  • Paradesi Synagogue
  • Chottanikkara Bhagavatty Temple
  • Marine Drive

Note: Moderate physical activity is required for this tour and it does not operate on Sundays. (Mon-Fri)

Average time required for the tour: 3-4 hours

Fort kochi
The Santa Cruz

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