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India December Weather Overview

December is arguably the most popular and finest time to visit India. With the festivity and holidays for Christmas and New Year, millions of tourists from across the world head to the tourist hotspots of India in Rajasthan, Golden Triangle (Agra, Jaipur, Delhi), Varanasi, Goa and Kerala.

While much of the Western Hemisphere sees a cold and snowy winter, India is a balmy dry affair with mild temperatures, clear dry weather, very little rain, and pleasant outdoor temperatures in its tourist hubs. 

The average temperature in India is around 59 °F (15° C) to 77 °F (25 °C), with the south being slightly warmer than the north. 

December is a great time not just to enjoy India’s popular cities, but also to go on wildlife adventures in its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 

It’s options galore in India in December: houseboat tours in the lovely Keralan backwaters, tropical paradise experience in Goa, Pondicherry or the Andamans, historical allure in the Golden Triangle, hill stations stay in the Himalayas and Western Ghats, and tiger safaris in Ranthambore or Jim Corbett National Park.

Want to learn more about the varying weather patterns in India in December? Read on.


  1. Regional Weather Breakdown in December


Before we get into the regional weather breakdown, here is a brief list of places that you should not miss out on in December

– Golden Triangle, North India: The trio of legendary cities of Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi that house some of India’s most recognizable landmarks like the Red Fort, Taj Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort and Qutub Minar.

– Udaipur, Rajasthan: The “City of Lakes” is often described as the Venice of India for its serene lakes and romantic charm.

– Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan: One of India’s top tiger safaris in the realm of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger —the former hunting ground of the Maharaja of Jaipur.

– Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Yoga Capital of the world known for its Himalayan serenity and white-water adventures in the Ganges.

-Shimla, Himachal Pradesh: Former Summer Capital of India and one of India’s most beloved hill stations.

Konark, Odisha: Center of the Ancient Kingdom of Kalinga, the site of the legendary Konark Dance Festival, and the home of the Konark Sun Temple.


North India: Rajasthan & Golden Triangle


Mirror sheesh Mahal

Except for a week in late December, where fog may dampen the viewing experience in Delhi and Agra, the weather in general in the Golden Triangle and other parts of North India like Varanasi, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Punjab, and Jodhpur is bright and sunny —perfect to be up and about. 

Average Temperature in Delhi in December:  48 °F-  71 °F (9°C – 22°C) (Average Rainy days 1)

Average Temperature in Jaipur in December: 48 °F-  75°F (9°C – 24°C) (Average rainy days 0)

Average Temperature in Agra in December:  46°F- 73°F (8°C – 23°C)


North India: Kashmir & Himalayas



With temperatures dropping down to almost freezing point, the hill stations of the Himalayas attract snow-lovers to its snow-clad mountains, it is a great time to ski in Gulmarg at the Khyber Ski Resort.

Average Temperature in Kashmir in December:  33°F ( 1°C)-  46°F ( 8 °C)

Average Temperature in  December in Himachal Pradesh:  33 °F- 60°F (1 °C – 16 °C)

Average Temperature in December in Uttarakhand:  42°F- 69°F ( 6°C – 21 °C)


South India: Kerala, Goa & the South


Goa Dec

While the Indian north is relatively cold, winter in south India is a mild and nominally cold affair with bright sun shine and temperatures ranging between 80 °F- 89°F (27°C – 32°C).

Average Temperature in Kerala in December:  80 °F- 89°F (27°C – 32°C)

Average Temperature in Tamil Nadu in December:  75°F- 84°F ( 24°C –  29°C)

Average Temperature in Karnataka in December:  78°F- 91°F ( 26°C –  33°C)

Average Temperature in Goa in December:   71°F-  91°F ( 22°C – 33 °C)


West & Central India: Mumbai & Other Central Parts


somnath temple

December is a great time to be in India’s Central State Madhya Pradesh known for its ancient heritage, rich biodiversity, and 12 National Parks (most for any Indian State). We recommend Kanha, Panna, and Bandhavgarh for their tiger safaris.

The last month of the year is also a delightful time to be in the legendary cities of West India like Gujarat (known for its ancient heritage) and Mumbai (the home of Bollywood). 

Average Temperature in Madhya Pradesh in December:  66°F- 78°F (19°C – 26°C)  

Average Temperature in Maharashtra in December:  59 °F- 86 °F (15°C –30 °C)


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 2. Weather Information on Popular Cities For Tourism


Agra, Jaipur, Delhi (Golden Triangle)


Taj 3

A wide range of cultural, historical and nature-oriented experiences await you in the Golden Triangle Region. 

From the enchanting beauty of the Taj Mahal (Agra), Red Fort (Delhi), and City Palace (Jaipur) and the exciting wildlife safaris of Ranthambore and Bharatpur to the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer, the serene lakes of Udaipur, the picturesque beauty of “Blue City” Jodhpur, and rustic charm of Puskar—the North of India is a delightful experience in December.

Average Temperature in Delhi in December:  48 °F-  71 °F (9°C – 22°C) (Average Rainy days 1)

Average Temperature in Jaipur in December: 48 °F-  75°F (9°C – 24°C) (Average rainy days 0)

Average Temperature in Agra in December:  46°F- 73°F (8°C – 23°C)

What to wear: The North is slightly colder than the South. So pack a warm sweater or jacket. Prefer long-sleeved tops and full-length trousers. Closed warm shoes.





December is the ideal time to go on a walking tour of Mumbai and explore places like the Gateway of India, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Moun, Global Vipassan Pagoda, and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. You can also plan a day trip to the Elephanta Caves, or take a day out for Aurangabad to marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

Average Temperature in Mumbai in December:   64°F-  89°F (18°C – 32°C) (Average rainy days 1)

What to wear: Comfortable trousers/jeans and a light shirt. A light sweater for the evenings. Sandals or a comfortable pair of shoes. 


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Is DECEMBER  a good time to visit India?


December is a very popular time on the tourism calendar in India with millions from across the world heading to this amazing country during their Christmas/New Year holiday breaks. 



How cold is it in DECEMBER  in India? Does it snow in India in December?


In much of mainland India (where the key destinations like Delhi, Varanasi, Kerala, Agra, Rajasthan, etc. are located), the average temperatures range between a low of 59 °F (15° C) and a high of 77 °F (25 °C). That’s not freezing temperature. 

However, it does snow in the higher Himalayan ranges in places like Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Ladakh, and Uttarakhand.


Is DECEMBER the peak tourist season in India?


Yes. December is the middle of the high (peak) tourist season in India. The time around Christmas and New Year is the busiest on the tourist calendar. Naturally, the cost of travel, flights, and accommodations is slightly on the higher side in comparison to other weeks of the high season (October-March). So, if you are planning on travelling to India during the high season, be sure to book in advance to get the best deals and secure the best experiences before others beat you to it. 

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