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Is India Safe To Travel With Kids?

Millions of tourists visit India annually making it one of the most visited countries in the region.

While the numbers have subsided in recent years due to the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is thriving once again in India as travel restrictions are loosened by the authorities.

According to the Indian Ministry of Tourism, almost 11 million Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs)—mostly from the northern hemisphere comprising countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe—visited India in 2019 before the pandemic struck.

In the 2010s, the numbers for average annual visitors to India ranged from 10 to 15 million and a fair chunk of these visitors included families with children.

These numbers are proof that India is generally considered a safe country to travel with kids.

But as with anywhere else in the world, traveling with kids comes with its challenges and families traveling with kids need to be aware of what they should expect.

In this article, we will give you a rundown of how to travel in India safely with kids, the must-see and must-watch things that you need to enjoy and how to ensure you make informed choices that put the safety, comfort and security of your loved ones above everything else.

“But …Is It Safe?”

Things To Know Before You Travel To India With Kids


India is a vast sprawling subcontinent of a state of 1.4 billion people with a staggeringly diverse range of cultures, landscapes, languages, heritage, cuisines, and climates.

The country is gargantuan in size with considerable geographical, cultural and linguistic variances that are not easy to navigate.

Sometimes the ‘sensory overload’ that is India, the cultural shock you encounter as a first-timer is quite challenging to wrap your head around.

But, worry not. As long as you know to expect, keep informed and are familiar with the cultural context of things in India, everything will start making perfect sense to you, and you and your kids will enjoy a wholesome cultural immersion experience unlike anywhere in the world.

Here is what we think you need to expect when you travel to India with your kids.

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1. Expect and Be Open to Cultural Diversity


India has an aura of its own that you won’t find elsewhere in the world. If you are too used to a certain cultural context, India is going to be quite a shock to you.

But in its cultural diversity lies its mystique and allure, and a tremendous learning experience for your kids.

You are going to have to open up to partake in a new kind of immersive cultural experience comprising stunning festivals, busy vibrant temples, opulent palaces and Havelis and crowded metropolitans with a frenetic pace of life.

2. Be Prepared for Culinary Adventures 


There are McDonald’s, KFCs, and Subway all over India in metropolitans and smaller cities. Western-style fast food is readily available everywhere. But if eat there, you are missing the point of India.

Treat your child to a diverse culinary experience with sumptuous Indian cuisine. Don’t let spices scare you.

There are so many milder options available. Just make sure that you eat at reputable well-reviewed restaurants and you will be fine.

3. Warm Hospitality


It is different in India. People are warm and friendly, and always up for a chat with you. So, if you get approached by the Indian people, don’t be alarmed.

Chances are, they just want to say hi, have a chat, learn about your country and want to know if you are liking it in India.

Do not lower your guard and stay vigilant, but also do not deprive yourself of a memorable Indian hospitality experience.

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4. There is Linguist Diversity But With English, You Can Get Around Easily


India has  780 officially-recognized languages—the second most in the world. But that is no cause for concern. English, along with Hindi, is the official language of India, and it is easily understood in all parts of India. So, if you speak English, you won’t have a problem getting around in India.

If you do not speak English, many other major languages of world like Spanish, French, German, and Italian are spoken in the tourism industry. You will have to talk to your tour operator for a guide proficient in these languages.

5. Varied Climate and Topography


The landscape in India can change rapidly from the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayan region (“the rooftop of the world”) and the deserts of Thar in Rajasthan to the plains of Northern India and the tropical beaches of the massive South Indian coastline.

Temperatures and topography can vary drastically depending on which parts of India you are planning to visit.

In general, best time to visit India is from November to March (the Indian winter), when the weather is cool, dry and the sunshine is balmy. Temperatures during these months range from a pleasant 45 °F to 80 °F.

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Must-Have Travel Experiences In India With Kids


Now that you know what to expect, let us look at a list of must-see must-do attractions when you are taking your kids to India.

1. Into the Wild With a Wildlife Safari

Taking your child to a Kiplingesque world of wildlife adventure to an Indian National Park or wildlife sanctuary is one heck of an unforgettable memory you can share and look back on. With 106 national parks dotting the landscape of India and over 500 notable wildlife sanctuaries, you are spoiled for choice.

These places teem with Tigers, Asiatic Lions, one-horned rhinos, leopards, Indian Bison, Dhole (Indian Wild Dogs), Gharial (fish-eating river crocodiles) and a broad range of bird species.

For Tiger Safari we particularly recommended Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan and Bandhavgarh and Panna in Madhya Pradesh. For one-horned rhinoceroses, head to Kaziranga National Park in Assam. For best bird-watching experience, we recommend Keoladeo in Rajasthan and Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

All of these aforementioned national parks offer kids-friendly safaris and have safari-oriented resorts where you and your family are guaranteed a luxurious and comfortable time.

2. A Visit to the Ethereal Taj Mahal and Enchanting Agra


No visit to India is complete without a ‘haziri’ (attendance) at  Taj Mahal—one of India’s greatest landmarks.

Its beauty is timeless and has captured imagination of lovers, poets, artists, architects, and creators since the 16th century. The erstwhile capital of Mughal Empire, Agra, where this wonder of world, offers a huge range of heritage sights that are quite a rich learning experience in ancient history for your kids.

3. A Serenading Stay in God’s “Own Country” Kerala


You can’t see it all in India. You can’t even see a fraction of it in one visit. But here is what you can do: treat your loved ones to one of the greatest gems of South India.

Affectionately known by its moniker “God’s Own Country,” Kerala is known for its picturesque beauty, serene beaches, tranquil backwaters, world-renowned Ayurveda therapies, nature & wildlife reserves, sumptuous cuisine, spice, coffee & tea plantations and cultural attractions.

All of these things make Kerala a perfect family holiday destination.

4. The Golden Triangle (Agra, Delhi, Jaipur) Tour


If it is your first time touring India, the so-called Golden Triangle region, which is  most popular international tourist circuit in India is a great place to start with your family trip.

Comprising the great cities of Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan’s ‘Pink City’ Jaipur, the Triangle is home to some of India’s most iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-doula, Tomb of Akbar in Agra; the Red Fort, Humayun’s Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, India and Chandi Chowk in Delhi; and opulent palaces, Havelis, forts and cultural immersions of Rajasthan in Jaipur.

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Some Tips For Your Trip To India With Kids


Here is our comprehensive all-encompassing guide [LINK GOES HERE..EMBEDDED] for a safe trip to India that you will find useful for solo, group and family trips to India.

  1. Get Vaccinated and Talk to a Doctor: Before your travel to India with kids, make sure they are properly vaccinated against all infectious diseases. Take time out to see your doctor and explain to him your plan your plans. Follow his prescriptions and recommendations.
  2. Pack a medical kit with all essential first aid items and medicine.
  3. Prefer a private tour to India with a reputed tour operator that specializes in family tours. It will cost you a little extra than a regular group tour, but nothing trumps the comfort and safety of your family. So, the investment should be well worth it.
  4. Prefer private transport booked through your tour operator or hotel.
  5. Stay at good quality hotels. India has a large number of budget options, but staying at a state-of-the-art accommodation or resort will make your travel experience easier. Research your accommodations online before checking in. Prefer options where your friends or acquaintances have stayed and are recommended by them.
  6. Be respectful of local customs and cultural sensitivities while touring, especially in places that have religious and spiritual significance.
  7. Keep a close eye on your kids in crowded places. Bazars and top tourist attractions can get quite crowded.
  8. Research the climate of region you are traveling to and dress your kids accordingly.
  9. Invest in good travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, cancellations and other mishaps.
  10. Beware of pickpockets in busy areas. Leave your valuables in the hotel’s safe.
  11. Slow down. Do not rush it. You cannot see it all in India. The country is too huge for that. There is always a next time.
  12. Prefer traveling in the winter (November-March). Summer (April-July) and Monsoon (July-September) are hot, humid and sultry. Prefer not to travel with kids in these months.
  13. Avoid staying out too late at night.
  14. Get a local sim card to stay connected. They are readily available on arrival at all international airports.

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