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Best Places To Visit In September In India

September is the time of the year when the summer (April-Sept) and monsoon (June-Sept) are on their last leg in India. The heat and the humidity are on the wane, and outdoor travel becomes relatively easier than it is in the peak hot months (April-July).

September is, therefore, a good time to visit India before the peak tourist season kicks in October (Oct-March). You can expect fewer crowds at major tourist attractions, cheaper accommodations, and lower airfares during this time of the year.

While September is not a very popular month for travel in India, we’ll show you in this guide that traveling in September in India can have considerable advantages.

If you are planning a trip to India during this month but still have your doubts, this guide to the BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN SEPTEMBER is for you.

We have covered for you the best places in India, the things to do, the attraction to check out, and things to keep in mind before and while you travel.

Let’s get into it!

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15 Of The Best Places To Visit In Sept In India

1. Srinagar, Kashmir



When the Mughal Emperor Jahangir first saw Kashmir, he was so moved by its stunning beauty that he said this famous couplet to describe what he was seeing. In quintessential Mughal eloquence, the Emperor-Poet said:

“Agar Firdaus bar roo-ee zameen ast, 

Hameen ast-o, Hameen asto-o, hameen ast!”

“If there is a paradise on the face of the earth, it is this, it is this, it this.”

One of the first things that the Mughals did after wresting control of Kashmir is build sprawling gardens. The Mughal gardens survive till this day and are one of Kashmir’s biggest attractions.

SRINAGAR is the biggest city and the capital of the state of JAMMU and KASHMIR. This part of India, snuggled in the mountains of the mighty Himalayas, is known for its beautiful lakes, lush green valleys, splendid cuisine and snow-capped mountains.

In general, Srinagar is an all year round destination providing Indian inhabiting the northern plains the perfect getaway for a refreshing vacation. But September is a particularly great time to visit Srinagar when the weather is still a good 10-15 °C cooler than New Delhi.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in September in Kashmir


The DAL LAKE in Srinagar is the heart and soul of the city. There are so many things you can do that revolve around the lake. For starters, take a Shikara ride in the Dal Lake. The Shikara is the Kashmiri answer to the Italian Gandola: a small wooden boat used to get around. Another experience you must have is a serene stay at a houseboat in the lake.

On land, begin your exploration of Kashmir by meandering in the famous Mughal Gardens. Say prayers at the Sufi saint Hazratbal Shrine and the Shankaracharya Temple. If you are into golfing, play a round at the Royal Spring Golf Course.

We can’t recommend the sumptuous Kashmiri cuisine enough. We suggest you try Rogan Josh (meat stew), Yakhni (soup) and Wazwan.

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2. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh



The state of Arunachal Pradesh often gets looked over in favor of other popular tourist destinations in the North Eastern India like WEST BENGAL (which has Darjeeling), SIKKIM (which has Gangtok, Pelling and West Sikkim) and MEGHALAYA (which has Shillong, Cherranpunji and Umiam Lake).

But Arunachal Pradesh has its charms and attractions that we think you should not miss out on!

What to Do and Places to Visit in September in Arunachal Pradesh


There are so many attractions in the state like the capital city of TAWANG (the Tawang War Memorial for martyrs of 1962 Indo-China War), the SELA PASS (sacred region for Buddhists with over a 1oo lakes), the Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve, the Golden Pagoda and the Pakke Tiger Reserve.

However, if you are in the north east of India in September we particularly recommend the ZIRO region of the APA TANI tribe.

The Ziro area of Arunachal Pradesh has been placed on the UNESCO’s Tentative World Heritage Site List. The famous Ziro Music Festival (an indigenous event featuring tribal music) is held in this month. It is a great time to be in the Ziro Valley for this unique tribal cultural immersion.

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3. Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand



The VALLEY OF FLOWERS in Uttarakhand is generally frozen in the winter months and the rest of the year. However, between the month of June when the snow finally melts, a unique natural wonder unfolds in this valley which makes it one of the most amazing places to visit in India.

Rare endemic Himalayan flowers begin to sprout in this mouth transforming the landscape into a bouquet of flowers. These alpine flowers are indigenous of this area and are not found anywhere else on the planet. UNESCO has therefore added this site to its list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is truly a stunning site to behold with the entire valley adorned in a melee of flowers. This unique natural wonder lasts until the month of September. So if you are in the north of India in September, it is your last opportunity to witness this miracle in the wild.

It is located 186 miles from Rishikesh in the CHAMOLI District of Uttarakhand.

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4. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand



If you are in Uttarakhand in September to witness the blossoming of rare alpine flowers in the Valley of Flowers, we recommend that you make a stopover en route at Rishikesh, THE YOGA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

Nestled in the Himalayan Hills along the sacred Ganga River, Rishikesh is a small hill town that is considered in the Hindu tradition. Pilgrimage to Rishikesh is considered one of the most important rituals in the faith. Its scenic landscape (coupled with its spiritual aura and mystique) make RISHIKESH one of the best places for seekers of peace, inner strength and healing to visit.

What to Do in Rishikesh


RISHIKESH is the YOGA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. The largest annual congregation of yoga practitioners takes place here. Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world arrive here to enroll in yoga programs under the tutelage of Yoga Gurus and masters. We recommend that you enter tutelage of an enlightened guru and tap into the depth of your soul to be able to summon inner strength with the power of meditation and yoga.

You might think Rishikesh is all about spirituality, yoga and meditation. But you will be surprised. There is so much more to this popular destination.

With the Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati tossing up Grade I, II and III, Rishikesh is a great place for white water rafting and other water-sports adventure activities.

Rishikesh also houses some of India’s finest and poshest destinations spa. So if you do not mind splurging on yourself, we recommend you pamper yourself with some Ayurveda-inspired spa therapies.

If you seek peace and tranquility, we recommend that you attend spiritual discourses offered by gurus and Rishis or enter an Ashram (spiritual commune) for a weeklong program.

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5. Kalpa (Kinnaur), Himachal Pradesh



A small hill station in the Kinnaur Hill station in the east of the state of HIMACHAL PRADESH, KALPA is famous for its serene valleys and apple orchards.

Another thing that this region stands out for is its fusion of Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions. The faith and culture of the region are therefore a unique amalgam of two traditions that you won’t find elsewhere.

Things to do in Kalpa and Kinnaur in September


KINNAUR DISTRICT is located 101 miles from the state capital of SHIMLA. Among the top attraction in the region is the Chaka Meadows famous for its picturesque landscape.

The capital of Kinnaur, RECKONG PEO, has many heritage sites (like the KOTHI TEMPLE, the KALPA FORT, NARAYAN-NAGINI TEMPLE and the famous CHAKKA TREK).

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6. Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh “Little Lhasa”



Mcleod Ganj is the KANGRA DISTRICT of Himachal Pradesh is known as “Little Lhasa” (Lhasa being the capital of Tibetan Region).

The reason: the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, THE DALAI LAMA, took asylum here in 1959 and has been in exile in this beautiful part of Himachal Pradesh. “LITTLE LHASA” Mcleod Ganj now serves as the base of the Tibetan Government (in exile).

On account of this fact this small town in the outskirts of the DHARAMSHALA region has become the epicenter of the TIBETAN BUDDHISM faith all over the world.

But spirituality, meditation and Buddhism are not the only reasons why you should be going to Mcleod Ganj in the month of September.

What to do in McLeod Ganj in September


If you can about nature and landscape, the BHAGSU WATERFALLS are a big attraction. The TRIUND HIKING TRAIL is thronged by hiking enthusiasts in the summer months. The DAL LAKE (not to be confused with the lake of same name in Kashmir) is ideal for relaxation and family picnics. The town center has many shops where you can buy local handicrafts and garments.

If you are in town looking for spiritual healing and inner rejuvenation, we suggest you pay a visit to the NAMGYAL MONASTERY where the DALAI LAMA offers attendance to devotees and blesses them. The monastery is part of a larger TIBETAN BUDDHISM complex called the TSUGLAGKHANG COMPLEX which houses many monasteries and outfits of the Tibetan government in exile.

Finally, if you are a history buff, the the places to explore are the NORBULINGKHA INSTITUTE that showcases the history and culture of TIBETAN BUDDHISM. For cultural immersion (to see how the locals live) we recommend that you visit the village of DHARAMKOT that is famous for its hospitality and warmth.

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7. Kalimpong, West Bengal



DARJEELING is West Bengal’s premier hill station destination. It is known for its picturesque beauty, rolling green hills and verdant tea gardens. Smaller hill stations like KALIMPONG do not get the kind of attention they should.

Which is why we have the DISTRICT of KALIMPONG on our list for you in September.

Located in the AUTONOMOUS GURKHA LAND, the small hill town of KALIMPONG is perched at a height of 1,200 meters (3,937 ft). It is also known for its boarding schools and colleges that were built during the colonial era. The serene TEESTA River winds through the Kalimpong Valley and adds further beauty and elegance to the landscape.

What to Do in Kalimpong


Buddhism is the primary religion in the region and its heritage is the defining feature of the local culture. We recommend that you visit the GEDEN THARPA CHOLING MONASTERY, the ZANG DHOK PALRI and the MANGAL DHAM TEMPLE.

Kalimpong is famous for its pleasant weather, fruit plantations and orchards. Explore local plantations at the Pine View Nursery.

For natural and wildlife exploration, visit the NEORA VALLEY NATIONAL PARK.

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8. Lanchen, North Sikkim



Looking for some more options in the North East of India? We aren’t done yet!

The northeastern Himalayan state of SIKKIM may be the least populated and second smallest state in a country of 1.4 billion with just over half a million people, but it stands out from the rest as the host of the mighty KACHENJUNGA (the highest mountain in India and the third tallest mountain in the world, after Mount Everest and K2.)

Sikkim which borders Tibet Autonomous Region, West Bengal and Bangladesh is known for its unique biodiversity, snowy peaks and pleasant climate.

What to do in Sikkim in September


GANGTOK, the capital of Sikkim is its biggest city and its primary holiday destination. The city is famous for its monasteries, Buddhist heritage sites and cultural attraction. But for September we chose for you the LANCHEN in North SIKKIM.

Lanchen (literally “the big or high pass”) is a small community in the north of the state comprising Tibetan and Bhutia tribes. They have a unique form of self-governance system called DZUMSA whereby every household is a part of the governance apparatus and say their say in the administrative matters. The region also holds many YAK RACES in the summer months.

Other tourist places and attractions that you can explore in September include the centuries-old LANCHEN MONASTERY and the GURUDONGMAR LAKE and the virgin valley of CHOPTA famous for its rhododendrons and alpine trees.

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9. Mumbai “India’s Maximum City”



September is among the best times to visit the “City that Never Sleeps” Mumbai as the city gears up to celebrate the ten-days-long GANESH CHATURTHI—the festival of the elephant god. This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Bhadhru, which typically corresponds with September on the Gregorian calendar.

Celebrating the birth anniversary of the elephant god, idols of GANESH are put up at home and public places on giant make-shift stages called “Pandals.” Blessed food called Prasad is given away to devotees. Priests sing the sacred hymns from ancient scriptures and some people chose to fast to have their wishes and prayers answered by the deity.

While the GANESH CHATURTHI is celebrated all over India with tremendous zeal, the best place really to witness the celebration is none other than the economic heart of India: MUMBAI.

Clay idols of Ganesh are released into the Indian Ocean on the final day of celebration. According to one estimate a total of 150,000 GANESH idols are immersed every year as part of the celebration.

What Can You Do in Mumbai in September


Aside from the GANESH celebrations, we recommend that you go on a street food tour in the city. The MUMBAI FOOD SCENE is epic! We recommend that you try out PAV BHAJI, PANI PURI, BAHI BATATA PURI, JALEBI, CHICKEN ROLLS and KULFI in Mumbai.

To get a glimpse of the glitzy life of Bollywood, we suggest that you take a tour to the FILM CITY (GOREGAON). It is a vast complex comprising 20 studios where over a 100 Bollywood movies are shot every year.

Budget permitting, splurging some money on luxury shopping escapades in India’s most glamorous metropolitans. The city is brimmed with high-end boutiques, designer stores, fashion outlets and posh luxury brands.

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10. Ajanta & Ellora Caves, Aurangabad (Maharashtra)



If you are in Mumbai for the Ganesh Chaturthi, it would also be worthwhile for you to pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Ajanta and Ellora Caves that are located in the AURANGABAD DISTRICT of Maharashtra, 300 miles from Mumbai.

Comprising rock-cut caves that are carved out of hillside rocks, the Ajanta and Elora Caves are one of India’s greatest heritage attractions. In terms of their heritage value, they belong in a league that has the TAJ MAHAL, HAMPI and the KHAJURAHO Temples.

The 34 temple caves of Ajanta and Ellora date back to the 2nd century BC (Ajanta) and 6th-11th century AD (Ellora). These sites bear Hindu, Jain and as well as Buddhist influences, which seems to suggest that this was a region of inter-faith harmony and mutual tolerance.

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11. Lonavala, Maharashtra



If ancient caves and temple art aren’t for you, we have got you other options in the state of Maharashtra.

Located a mere 50 miles (one and a half hour’s drive) from the city of MUMBAI, is the picturesque hill station of LONAVALA that is one of MUMBAIKERS’ favorite getaways in the summer months.

Lonavala is also contiguous with another favorite Maharashtrian hill station called KHANDALA so you can enjoy two hill stations in one trip.

LONAVALA is nestled in the Sahyadri hills (a sub-branch of the Western Ghats mountain range) at a height of 2,047 ft (623 meters) above sea level.

What Can You Do in Lonavala in September


The whole point of a hill station is to relax, unwind and enjoy the sight. Which is what you can do at the famous TIGER’s LEAP Point, which gives you excellent views of the SAHYADARI hills. The nearby BHUSHI DAM is a great option for a relaxing picnic with the family. Boating in the LONAVALA LAKE is another popular tourist activity.

If you are into old forts, we recommend that you trek to the LOHAGAD FORT, one of the oldest human settlements in the region. For those that are into caves, the ancient Buddhist caves of KARLA AND BHAJA are good options.  

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12. Amritsar, Punjab



The second largest city in the state of PUNJAB in northern India is famous for the GOLDEN TEMPLE (one of the most sacred sites in the Sikh faith); the legacy of the partition of British India, classical Punjabi music, dances and poetry; and the sumptuous Punjabi cuisine.

The primary tourist destination to visit in Amritsar, of course, is none other than the Golden Temple.

We recommend that you visit this sacred site in September before the peak tourist season starts in October and the number of visitors increases drastically. We suggest that you visit early in the morning (to watch a magnificent sunrise as the first rays of sunlight light up the Golden façade of the temple) and to beat the crowds.

Every day, the GOLDEN TEMPLE feeds free sacred food called “LANGAR” that is offered to all visitors regardless of their religion, belief, color or creed. Run on charity money contributed by the community, the Langar features delectable Punjabi dishes, that are a must-have experience in Amritsar.

What to Do in Amritsar in September


Aside from a Haziri (attendance) at the Golden Temple, here are a few top places to visit in Amritsar.

We recommend that you visit the PARTITION MUSEUM to learn about the legacy of the partition of India in 1947. A visit to the JALLIANWALA BAGH MONUMENT (that honors the memory of pre-independence era protestors who lost their lives in 1919) is also a must-do thing in Amritsar.

One of the can’t-miss things in AMRITSAR is to witness the spectacular WAGAH BORDER FLAG-LOWERING ceremony that takes place every evening at the Indo-Pakistan border. The ceremony involves a grand synchronized parade accompanied by patriotic songs and music and an impressive performance by the Border Security Force.

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13. Pondicherry, South East India



There is something for everyone in India.

Now that we have covered mountains, hill stations, cities, ancient temple towns and indigenous tribal regions, it is time now to head to the pristine beaches of India.

Also known as PUDUCHERRY, the small former French Colonial enclave of PONDICHERRY is also known as the “French Capital of India.” It is located on the south-eastern coast of India and is famous for its white sand beaches, excellent climate, French heritage, Ashrams (holy communes) and birdwatching at the famous Ousteri lake.

Pondicherry exudes history and heritage. Before the arrival of the French, it served as an important trading outpost for the PALLA DYNASTY (325-900AD0, CHOLA DYNASTY (900-1279 AD) and the VIJAYANAGARA EMPIRE (1370-1614 AD, who built the Hampi Temple Town).

Things to Do in Pondicherry in September


Well, since you are here for a tropical beach holiday, that is exactly what you should be doing. Check yourself into a world-class beach resort or a splendid boutique and treat yourself to a good time. (Pondicherry has so many exquisite establishments. Check out our Exclusive Page on Pondicherry for more details).

But there is a lot you can do in Pondicherry. The old FRENCH QUARTER of the town is dotted with colonial era heritage buildings and monuments that are perfect for a heritage walk.

The Promenade is perfect for walks. We recommend that you watch sunrises and sunsets in the ocean from here.

The famous AUROVILLE (an experimental town built in the vision of the legendary spiritual leader SHRI AUROBINDO) is located a few miles outside of the city, which you should pay a visit.

The OUSTERI LAKE is ideal for a laid-back relaxing time. You can boat. You can enjoy a quiet picnic with your loved ones. Or, you can enjoy birdwatching. Declared a Bird Sanctuary by the Government of India, this lake gets 40 rare migratory birds as guests including Greater Flamingos, Pied Avocet, Storks and Black Tailed Godwits.

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14. Gokarna, Karnataka



The offbeat beach town of Gokarna in the southern coastal state of Karnataka is a great alternative to other crowded beach destinations like Goa or Kerala. Time slows down in Gokarna. It is one of the best places in India for a quiet beach holiday with your family.

This beach town has an aura of calmness, elegance and beauty. Picture elegant beaches with swaying palm trees, the perfect weather, a quiet sea, a clear blue sky and some relaxing sunshine.

Things to do in Gokarna


Relaxing beach walks in the stunningly beautiful OM BEACH is one of the first things you should be doing in Gokarna. There are other excellent beaches as well, like the HALF MOON BEACH, MAIN BEACH and KUDLE BEACH.

Enjoy some spa time in a beach resort.

The old quarter of Gokarna is a quaint little temple town. if you are into spirituality and meditation, we recommend that you visit the SHRI MAHABALESHWARA SWAMI Temple and the GOGARBHA CAVE Temple.

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15 .  Andaman & Nicobar Islands


ANDAMANThe Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a collective of 572 islands that are located off the coast of India at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Only 37 of these islands are inhabited and only about a dozen of them are open to visitors from the outside.

The Nicobar Islands are home to uncontacted indigenous tribes called the Sentinelese. These people are so remote that the Indian government has had to ban travel in this region in order to ensure their survival.

The Andaman group of Islands, on the other hand, are India’s answer to the Maldives. These islands have shorelines of shimmering white sand beaches lined with swaying coconut trees, clear emerald water, clear blue skies and a calm sea. The coral reefs of the Andaman teem with biodiversity and are ideal for snorkeling, deep sea diving and deep sea exploration.

Things to do in the Andamans


Check yourself into a luxury Andaman resort offering state-of-the-art amenities and luxuries. Go on a cruise into the sea. Go snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea. Enjoy some spa time. And, enjoy the coastal delights of the Andaman cuisine.

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