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Best Places To Visit In Oct In India

The Indian winter is nothing like the freezing weather in Europe or parts of America, in fact Winter in India is very pleasant with mild temperatures, soothing balmy sunshine and hardly any rain.

So what makes December a good time to visit India?

Lots of things.

The excellent weather for starters. The cultural attractions of Rajasthan, the coastal towns and backwaters of Kerala, the wildlife safaris of Ranthambore, Jim Corbet and Bharatpur bird sanctuary, the Konark Dance Festival in Odisha, and the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand all come together to make December a great time to travel in India.

You are spoiled for choice to decide where to go, here’s a list of the 15 places to visit in India in the month of December.

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15 Top Places To Visit In December In India


1.  Jaipur, Rajasthan



The capital of RAJASTHAN, JAIPUR is also known as the PINK CITY which is the color the city was painted in to welcome the arrival of Prince Albert in 1876, the city has a royal grandeur, regal palaces, towering forts and colourful bazaars.

The Pink color theme (a color of hospitality and love in the Rajasthani culture) has persisted so far, and many of its palaces, Havelis and historical landmarks feature the same shade of terracotta pink. 

What to Do in JAIPUR in December


Jaipur is the primary tourist destination in Rajasthan, receiving millions of tourists every year. There is no dearth of tourist attractions in the city.

  • THE CITY PALACE– houses museums, galleries and regal pavilions
  • HAWA MAHAL – The Wind Palace
  • AMBER (Amer) FORT–  one of India’s greatest forts
  • NAHARGARH FORT and the
  • Galta Ji Temple (Monkey Temple)

Shopping expeditions to JOHARI BAZAR, CHANDPOL BAZAR and TRIPOLIA BAZAR (famous for jewellery, ethnic art pieces and handicrafts, Textiles and Bangles).


2. Udaipur, Rajasthan



The picturesque city UDAIPUR has a series of seven major lakes and is another great option for a 3 to 4 night stay,it has a  sobriquet “VENICE OF THE EAST.” OR “THE CITY OF LAKES”

This city is famed for its romance, lakeside beauty, old-world Rajputana charm, palaces, Havelis, folk dances and cultural festivals. It is surrounded by the lush green Aravalli hills which, combined with the iconic LAKE PICHOLA it is full of elegance and charm.

What Should You Do in UDAIPUR in December

Udaipuris full of royal palaces, some of which have now been transformed into Heritage Hotels where you can luxuriate like a Maharaja.

  • Stay at a lake side hotel.
  • Take Sunset boat ride in the lake.
  • Visit the CITY PALACE – grand regal affair.
  • Enjoy a drink at Jag Mandir
  • Indulge in Rajasthani culinary delights like LAAL MAAS (red meat), & DAL BATI CHURMA.

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3. Ranthambore And Keoladeo National Parks, Rajasthan

Best Places To Visit For A Wildlife Safari In India In December



If you have always dreamt of witnessing the majestic ROYAL BENGAL TIGER out in the wild on a predatory hunt, the RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK is one of your best bets in India.

Along with the Bandhavgarh and Panna National Parks in Madhya Pradesh, it is counted among the top 3 tiger-spotting destinations in the world due to a very high density of tigers.

if you are a birder or birdwatcher aficionado you can combine Ranthambore with a visit to BHARATPUR which is home to the KEOLADEO NATIONAL PARK (BIRD SANCTUARY)

This national park is home to tens of thousands of residential birds, and plays host to 350 species of migratory birds in the winter months. UNESCO has therefore declared the site a World Heritage Site.

Scientists, researchers, and ornithologists arrive here in the month of December in large numbers to study this migration phenomenon.

4. Manali, Himachal Pradesh



The Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh is known for its lovely hill stations, and there are arguably not many hill stations that are better than Manali.

Located on the side of the BEAS RIVER in the KULLU VALLEY, MANALI boasts pine forests, snow-capped mountains, and picturesque sceneries.

Manali is easily accessible from Delhi, so it is a good option for some snow-soaked adventures in the Himalayas.

What Should You Do in Manali 

  • ADVENTURE SPORTS – White water rafting, paragliding, trekking and mountain biking.
  • Nature Photography – ideal region for photography lovers.
  • VILLAGE OF NAGGAR–  to experience traditional Himachali architecture and hospitality

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5. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand



The sacred town of RISHIKESH in UTTARAKHAND is an important pilgrimage site for the Hindus of the world. Tens of thousands of pilgrims visit its temples, Ashrams and holy sites all year round as part of their religious obligations.

But the reason why it draws international tourists is the fact that RISHIKESH is the YOGA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD and is home to some of the most enlightened Gurus and masters of Yoga and other meditational traditions.

Some of India’s best “destination spas and resorts” that specialize in the traditional Indian Ayurvedic healing as well as Western therapies are located in RISHIKESH, which makes the region a great opportunity to combine spirituality with temporal pamperings. The best of both worlds!

What Else Can You Do in RISHIKESH

  • White Water Rafting
  • Trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding
  • Witness the Ganga Aarti




If you are looking for a quaint old-fashioned family-friendly and very accessible hill station to enjoy a winter vacation in, then SHIMLA is the place to go.

It was the summer capital of British India and it has been one of India’s favorite hill stations.

The capital city teems with colonial heritage tourist places and charm due to the influence of the British Empire. Its MALL ROAD and other promenades are lined with heritage buildings, churches, temples, traditional bazaars, restaurants and parks that are ideal for a quiet time with the family and kids.

What Can You Do in SHIMLA in DECEMBER

  • Nature trails/ walks.
  • Heritage excursions.
  • Enjoy the pleasant weather.
  • VICEREGAL LODGE(erstwhile residence of the Viceroy of India, and now a history museum)
  • CHRIST CHURCH – famous for its Gothic architecture.
  • Street shopping & food adventures on Mall Road

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7. Konark, Odisha



The north-eastern shore state of ODISHA of India is one of the country’s little-known gems. This heir to the ANCIENT KINGDOM OF KALINGA finds mentions in the ancient scriptures like Mahabharat.

ODISHA is a land of ancient history, spirituality, folklore, mythology and indigenous ADIVSAI TRIBAL mystique.

The JAGANNATH TEMPLE in the city of PURI in ODISHA is one of the primary religious destinations in India that ranks alongside Varanasi in terms of its spiritual significance.

December is a particularly relevant time of the year to visit ODISHA as it holds the famous KONARK DANCE FESTIVAL, which is held every year from the 1st of December to 5th of December.

The festival is held in the backdrop of the legendary KONARK SUN TEMPLE. Featuring classical Indian dance form performances, the event is the biggest on the tourism calendar of the country.

It features classical ODISSI dance of the region as other classical Indian dances from other parts of India like MANIPURI, BHARATANATYAM, KOTHAKALI, KUCHIPDU, KATHAKA and SATTRIYA.

For artists and those who love classical music and dance forms, Konark is the place to be.

8. Goa



GOA is the OG of all beach destinations in India.

India’s favorite tropical holiday stopover is located on the south-western coastline of India. With a shoreline that stretches almost a hundred miles, Goa boasts all-year-round beaches, excellent weather and great hospitality infrastructure.

An erstwhile Portuguese Colony, Goa is also famous for its Portuguese colonial heritage, architecture, cuisine, and inter-faith harmony.

The old city “VELHA GOA” that boasts ancient sites like the CHAPORA FORT is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place to go on WALKING HERITAGE TOURS.

With an old-world-Europe meets Hindustan cultural fusion, Goa is a very unique place that stands out with its unique food, languages, customs, traditions and culture.

What Can You Do in GOA

  • Enjoy beachside picnics
  • Pamper yourself to SPA/YOGA RETREATS
  • Savour the Goan Cuisine & seafood
  • Water sports – speed boating, parasailing, banana riding, bumper riding, jet skiing and scuba diving.
  • Enjoy the nightlife – Nightclubs, Pubs & Casinos.

Check out our exclusive LUXURY GOA TOURS here.

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9. Madhya Pradesh (Central India)




CENTRAL INDIA is the heart of the country. It is a land of ancient civilization, vibrant culture, dense jungles, formidable forts, glorious temples and amazing flora and fauna.

It is a realm filled with archeological mystery and wildlife adventures.

UNESCO World Heritage KHAJURAHO Temples are located in this part of India, as is the magnificent GWALIOR FORT – one of India’s most significant forts.

Other attractions in the region include the BHIMBETKA ROCT CAVES and the timeless ruins of MANDU.

The KANHA and BANDHAVGARH NATIONAL PARKS are some of the best places to go on wildlife safaris in the month of December in India.

Rudyard Kipling’s JUNGLE BOOK was inspired by the wildlife and jungles of this region.

If you are looking for a wildlife-and-nature-centric tour of India (with some archeological and ancient mysteries to go with it) you can’t miss Central India.

10. Alleppey: The Venetian Capital Of South India (Kerala)



Famous for its serene backwaters, ALLEPEY (also known as ALAPUZZHA) in GOD’s OWN COUNTRY KERALA is extremely popular with international tourists to India.

What makes Alleppey so special is a never-ending labyrinth of canals, lagoons and lakes. The ALLEPEY EXPERIENCE is simply other-worldly.

It is a mesmerizing and enchanting experience that looks like they are from another world. The Viceroy of India Lord Curzon described it as the “Venice of the East.”

ALLEPEY is also one of India’s best destinations for an Ayurveda-inspired Spa resort experience.

For more details on what to do in ALLEPPEY and the rest of KERALA, browse our exclusive KERALA LUXURY TOURS here.

Things to Do in Alleppey

  • OVERNIGHT HOUSEBOAT CRUISE IN THE BACKWATERS – Enjoy the tranquil landscape of canals, lagoons, lakes, and palm trees. A relaxing stay at Alleppey Beach known for its golden sands and beautiful sunsets.
  • Explore the “RICE BOWL OF KERALA” KUTTANAD, known for its rice paddy fields and unique farming below sea level.
  • Visit VEMBANAND LAKE, the longest lake in India.
  • Take a boat ride to the PATHIRAMANAL ISLAND for bird-watching.
  • Relax at MARARI BEACH.

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11. Jodhpur, Rajasthan



Jodhpur in Rajasthan is known as the “Blue City” due to a hue of eye-catching blue color used in the old quarter of the city.

This regal city is known for its heritage, cultural vibrancy, festivals and forts.

It’s most iconic attraction is the 15th century MEHRANGARH FORT (one of India’s most important heritage forts) and the magnificent UMAID BHAWAN PALACE (built in 1890s) which is regarded as the last of India’s great palaces of the Princely Era.

The old part of the city brims with historical legacy. The Brahman Quarter (the Blue part of the city), the Ghanta Ghar Bazaar (Clock Tower – the commercial hub of the city for centuries) and majestic Havelis are attractions you will find here.

Things to Do in JODHPUR

  • Explore MEHRANGARH FORTwhich overlooks the city of Jodhpur atop a hill and houses several palaces and temples.
  • Heritage walk in the old the city.
  • Explore the CLOCK TOWER
  • Experience the Zip lining at the fort.
  • Go on a Bishnoi village Safari – witness the centuries old traditions and spot the illusive black buck.

Desert safaris in the Thar Desert.

12. Pondicherry



Pondicherry is a great alternative sunshine to crowded Goa for pristine beaches and basking sunshine, located 5 hours from Chennai it is India located on the Southeastern coast of India.

Also known as PUDUCHERRY it is an erstwhile trading enclave and colony of the French Empire, that was merged into the Indian Federation post independence.

The influence of France is quite significant with its main promenade and coastline dotted with French-style heritage buildings and landmarks—a fact that has earned the region the title of the FRENCH CAPITAL OF INDIA.

But the French Colonial heritage is not the only thing that draws tourists to Pondicherry, it is also the beaches, the Ashram (spiritual communes), fusion cuisine (French with Indian), birdwatching, lakes and resorts.


You just have to treat yourself to a seaside resort experience in Pondicherry. Bright blue skies, a pristine sea, refreshing tropical sea breeze, splendid cuisine, evening walks on the Promenade— what more does one want!

  • Explore the old FRENCH QUARTER–  FRENCH WAR MEMORIAL, STATE OF DUPLEIX and RAJ NIWAS (residence of the French Governor).
  • Try the PONDICHERRY CUISINE – a perfect blend of Indian and French food.

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13. Kohima (Nagaland): For The Hornbill Festival



Among the best destinations to visit in India in December is the capital of the northeastern state of NAGALAND that holds the iconic HORNBILL FESTIVAL during the first 10 days of the month.

This landlocked state is home to a variety of diverse indigenous tribes and ethnic groups that have withstood the test of time to survive their traditional ways of life, customs and tradition.

Kohima is also famous for the epic BATTLE OF KOHIMA in the Second World War between the Japanese and Allied Forces. The STATE MUSEUM of NAGALAND catalogs the events of the war beautifully.

But December is the time to explore Kohima to attend the festival of the legendary HORNBILL FESTIVAL which is a grand cultural spectacle featuring all NAGA TRIBES who show up in KOHIMA with their contingents to showcase their culture, dances, music and martial art prowess.

What Else Can You Do in NAGALAND in December

• Trek to the famous DZUKOU VALLEY, JAPFU PEAK
• Visit Khonoma Nature Conservation And Trekking Trail
• Visit Traditional NAGA VILLAGES

14. Munnar, “Kashmir Of South India”



Arguably the most famous hill station in all of South India, Munnar, located in the Idukki district of Kerala is known as the “Kashmir of South India.”

Located at a height of 1,600 meters (5,200 ft) above sea level in the Western Ghats mountain range, Munnar is an extremely popular tourist destination famous for its scenic lush green hills, tea and coffee plantations, pleasant all-year-round weather, waterfalls, lakes, and wildlife reserves.

The word Munnar means “three rivers” on account of the three rivers that flow in the region, namely the Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundali rivers.

Things to Do in Munnar in DECEMBER

  • Wildlife Spotting at the Eravikulam National Park & Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hike up to theTop Station, the highest point in Munnar to enjoy views of the Western Ghats and plains of Tamil Nadu.
  • Boating at theMattupetty Dam which is a famous picnic spot in Munnar.
  • Visit Echo Point – Hear the unique Echo effects

15. Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat



With a history dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization 5,000 years ago (one of the oldest documentation civilizations of India), GUJARAT is a place of historical mystique.

This western state of India (the birthplace of MAHATMA GANDHI) is famous for temples like the MODHERA SUN, SHREE SOMNATH JYOTIRLINGA and DANGI Temples. Other important tourist attractions include GANDHI’s SABARMATI ASHRAM and the SABARMATI RIVERFRONT.

But the reason why you should be in Gujarat in the month of December and January should be the WHITE DESERT known as RANN OF KUTCH. It is a white salt desert that springs to life during the winter and puts on a kaleidoscope of sparkling colors during the day as well as at night in the moonshine. There is no other place quite like it in India in the winter.

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