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Known affectionately by its sobriquet “the BLUE CITY,” the second-largest city in the state of RAJASTHAN has become an important tourist destination due to its cultural, historical, heritage, artisanal and nature attractions.

JODHPUR is famous for its scenic blue landscape; the iconic 15th-century MEHRANGARH FORT (considered one of India’s most important historical landmarks) and the stunningly beautiful 19th-century UMAID BHAWAN PALACE —which is also one of the largest private residences in the world.

 Other top attractions in the Blue City include the white-marbled 19th-century cenotaph JASWANT THADA (built to honor Maharaja Jaswant), the old-world charm of its city center around the GHANTA GHAR (CLOCK TOWER), historical festivals like the MARWAR FESTIVAL and RAJASTHAN INTERNATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL, camel safaris in the surrounding THAR DESERT and adventure activities (like paragliding, ziplining and hot air ballooning).

Discover all these enchanting Jodhpuri attractions in RESPLENDENT TRAVELS’ LUXURY PRIVATE TOURS. Characterized by utmost luxury and flexibility, we offer personalized itineraries tailor-made to your needs.


Sojourn like a Rajasthani Maharaja in our bespoke stays at the UMAID BHAWAN PALACE and other heritage palaces and Haveli hotels.

Unravel the historical intrigue around the ancient city and its Havelis (old mansions) in our private guided heritage walk, unlock the historical secrets of the MEHRANGARH FORT in our guided tours.

Venture out into the Thar in our curated Desert Safaris and enjoy personalized retail therapy experiences comprising famous Jodhpuri handicrafts and traditional textiles.

Here is our list of the MUST-HAVE travel experiences in the Blue City.

Mehrangarh Fort
Heritage Walk Jodhpur
Desert Safari
Ranbanka Palace


Culinary Secrets 
Umaid Bhawan Palace
Tailored photography
Secret Dining
Artisan jodhpur
Personalized Retail

Luxury Jodhpur Tours Packages

What To Know Before You Go

Rajasthan is, in many ways, the cultural heart of North India. No tour to India is complete without a stopover at Rajasthan. No stopover at Rajasthan is complete without a visit to the Blue City of Jodhpur.

Often eclipsed by its bigger counterparts in the state like Jaipur and Udaipur, Jodhpur is, nonetheless, a cultural and historically significant destination that offers its own charms and attractions to visitors.

So, while it is understandable that you might want to prefer Jaipur and Udaipur over this part of the region, we believe that would be quite an oversight.

Attractions like the Mehrangarh Fort, the Umaid Bhawan Palace and the Ghanta Ghar area are well worth your time and missing out on them will be not a good idea.


Flexible itineraries suited to your preferences and needs. suited to your preferences and needs.

Luxury stays at the best Jodhpur Palace-turned-luxury hotels like Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ajit Bhawan, Raas and Taj Hari Mahal.

Private heritage tours to the Mehrangarh Fort and exclusive walking tours of the city.

Tailored photography tours in the Blue City.

Exclusivity and unparalleled luxury.

Personalized retailed therapy escapes to ancient bazaars.

24/7 guidance and support.

Ethical environmentally-sustainable tourism practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two to three days would be an ideal time for a Jodhpur holiday.

We think the ultimate luxury Jodhpur experience should include a regal stay at the UMAID BHAWAN PALACE HOTEL or any other palace-or-Haveli-turned-heritage-hotel, like the AJIT BHAWAN PALACE or TAJ HARI MAHAL.

This should be followed by a heritage tour of the BLUE (BRAHMIN) QUARTER of the old city and the landmarks around THE GHANTA GHAR (CLOCK TOWER) and a camel safari to the Thar Desert along with paragliding and Hot Air Ballooning. 

We also recommend that you invest an afternoon in taking cooking lessons to unearth the culinary delights of the region and go on a shopping escapade to buy traditional garments, handicrafts and jewelry.

There are a lot of things Jodhpur is famous for. The first word that springs to mind when Jodhpur is mentioned is its moniker ‘THE BLUE CITY’ which it gets on account of the blue color its building are painted in.

The city houses what is arguably one of the top historical landmarks of India: the MEHRANGARH FORT, which in turn houses several palaces, temples and museums.

Other notable Jodhpur attractions are the 19th-century white-marbled Jaswant Thada cenotaph; the Ghanta Ghar (clock tower) and the old bazaar of the city.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace (the stunning summer retreat of the royal family which is one of the largest private residences in the world) and camel safaris in the surrounding Thar Desert and adventure activities like hot air balloon rides are also common tourist attractions.

The “Blue City” is definitely worth a visit.

It includes celebrated landmarks like the formidable MEHRANGARH FORT, the stunning UMAID BHAWAN PALACE, endless adventures in the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, delectable culinary delights and limitless retail therapies (comprising traditional handicrafts, artifacts and souvenirs).

The bluest part of the city is located behind the Mehrangarh Fort and is known as NAVCHOKIYA.

It is a quiet part of town and does not have the hustle and noise of the busy city center around the Ghanta Ghar (clock tower).

Some notable landmarks to visit on a leisurely walking tour of this part of the city are the Jewel Palace Haveli, Singhvi Haveli, Rani Mahal and Jaswant Bhawan.

Jodhpur is called “THE BLUE HEAVEN” or “THE BLUE CITY” because all the buildings in the oldest quarter of the city are painted in a light shade of blue.

This old quarter is nestled behind the Mehrangarh Fort, away from the busy city center. There is no definitive answer as to why this was originally done.

The most popular theory is that it was done to honor the LORD SHIVA as the blue color is associated with the deity in the Hindu tradition.

Another theory is that blue is the color of Brahmin Hindus and the old quarter is mostly inhabited by Brahmins who painted their houses blue to stand out from other inhabitants.

Yet another theory is that historically the old quarter had a termite problem and the blue color is the result of a combination of a natural dye of indigo with the chemical copper sulphate used to repel the insects.

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