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Situated between Agra and Varanasi at a remote site nestled away from the ancient highways and thoroughfares, KHAJURAHO kept hiding one of India’s most magnificent archeological secrets in its dense green jungle for almost a thousand years.

Now a small town in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district, the ancient temple town of Khajuraho was discovered by British archeologists in 1838.

A UNESCO World Heritage site with 25 stunning temples of Hindu and Jain origin famous all over the world for erotic stone carvings and graphic sexual imagery, Khajuraho has become a magnet for archeology enthusiasts and general tourists from India and the rest of the world.

Built over a 20 square kilometer area, the temple town built in Nagara-style architecture with graphic erotic sculptures is attributed to the CHANDELA DYNASTY (950-1050 AD).

A fusion of Hindu and Jain imagery and symbolism suggests that the Chandela era was a time of peaceful coexistence with a pluralistic society.

As to why these temples were built with such intense sexual imagery, historians believe these are depictions of the sacred work KAMA SUTRA and an attempt to entertain the gods.

We offer private tours to the Khajuraho temple town with flexible itineraries and travel options catered to your needs and style.

Our customized tours with in-house travel guides & advisors, expert historians and archaeologists stand out from the rest. With us, you can be sure of 24/7 guidance and support.

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Temples of Khajuraho


Marvels In Stone: Exploring The Exquisite Temples Of Khajuraho

Explore the magnificent temples of Khajuraho famed for their Nagara-style erotic architecture and Kama Sutra-inspired sexual symbolism.

Aesthetic offerings to the gods, these sculptures have myths and stories to tell. Do not rush it.

Soak in all the mystery and try to unravel the cryptic messages from ancient times. Maybe you will find something others have missed.

Light Show


Legends Come Alive: A Captivating Sound And Light Show At Khajuraho

In the evening, the Western Group of Temples is lit up in a fabulous display of lights and colors with laser projectile illustrations retelling the ancient history of the region. It is one Khajuraho experience you just cannot miss.

Mahadeva Temple


Architectural Gem: The Majestic Kandariya Mahadeva Temple Of Khajuraho

In Sanskrit, Kandariya Mahadeva means the “Great God of the Cave.” Dedicated to LORD SHIVA, it is the largest, tallest and most ornate of all the temples.

It is a work of religious-architectural art at par with the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat Khmer Temple in Cambodia.

Lakshmana Temple


Sculpted Beauty: Immerse Yourself In The Magnificence Of Lakshmana Temple

Constructed in 1459 AD by Rao Jodha, the formidable 1200-acre MEHRANGARH Fort which towers over the Jodhpur plain from its perch at the top of the hill 410 feet above the city is one of India’s most iconic forts.

There are mini palaces inside the forts, like Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace) and Sheesha Mahal (Palaces of Glasses) and the Chamunda Devi Temple. The complex now houses a museum as well.

Wild Encounters


Wild Encounters: Embarking On An Adventurous Safari At Panna National Park

The jewel in the Madhya Pradesh crown, THE PANNA NATIONAL PARK sprawling in the Vindhya hills, is home to the Bengal tigers, cheetahs, jackals, langurs, Chinkaras and wild boars. 

A jeep safari at the Park is an unforgettable Indian wildlife adventure experience.

Nature's Masterpiece


Nature's Masterpiece: Raneh Falls And The Breathtaking Ken River Canyon

The amazing Ken River snakes its way through the Vindhya hills and canyons northwards through Madhya Pradesh where it meets the mighty Ganges River.

Among the many canyons, this confluence of raging rivers and mighty mountains creates is the Raneh Water Falls, famous for its nature trails and bird watching.

Raneh Falls and Ken River canyons are tremendous outdoor travel adventure opportunities.


Temple Tranquility: Exclusive Sunrise Yoga At Khajuraho

Before the tourists swarm the place, a soothing yoga session conducted by an expert in the early hours of the morning as the sun makes its way up and lights up the magnificent complex is one unforgettable treat you need to give to your body and soul.

Heritage Walk


Timeless Treasures: Embark On A Heritage Walk With An Archaeologist

The historic record suggests that the Chandela Dynasty built 85 temples, out of which only 25 temples stand today.

Why were they built? Whom were they built by? What do the graphic symbolism and exotic imagery mean? Why did this town and its inhabitants disappear off the face of the earth for almost a thousand years?

An expert archeologist will walk you through all these mysteries on our private heritage walk.

Gharial Sanctuary


Wilderness Expedition: Private Jeep Safari To Raneh Falls And Gharial Sanctuary

Raneh Falls is a deep canyon of crystalline granite rocks that is great for nature walks and bird-watching. Gharial Sanctuary is an alligator reserve inside the nearby Panna National Park.

An expedition to the two sites is just the right kind of adrenaline rush you need after a somber temple tour.


Artistry Unleashed: Experience An Exclusive Pottery Workshop With Local Artisans

The old town of Khajuraho is a settlement of mud cottages and huts, famous for its pottery tradition. Take an exclusive pottery class with an expert local artisan. The process, we assure you, is just so satisfying and therapeutic.

Dance Festival


Culture And Elegance: Dance Festival And Traditional Saree Draping With Henna Delight

Winter in Khajuraho is delightful. In February, in the backdrop of the magnificent temples, the city plays host to the amazing Indian classical dance festival which features Kathak, Kathakali, Odisha, Kachipudi and Bharatanatyam dances.

No better place to drape yourself in a traditional Saree and get splendid Henna patterns than at the festival.


Frames Of Nature: Wildlife Photography Safari In Panna National Park

Home to some stunning waterfalls, canyons, and hunting grounds of India’s biggest predators, the 542 sq km Panna National Park is a wildlife lover’s delight.

Sloth Bear Pangolins, Indian Wolves, Four-Horned Antelopes, Leopards, Rusty Spotted Cats, Indian Foxes, Gharial alligators and many other species are found here.

If you are a Birder, you can also spot the King Vulture, Indian Vulture, Hawk-eagles and many other exotic migratory birds. Grab that camera to catch some epic wildlife wonders.

LaLiT Temple

The Lalit Temple View, Khajuraho

Ramada by Wyndham

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